Wednesday, June 07, 2006


honestly I don't usually get offended much when people ignores me or ditches me. I reckon that everyone has better things to do than to talk to me or simply hang out with me. I get it. Most people have lives, I know.
I myself won't make too much of an effort to win them over anyways, so.. it's understandable, right?

But honestly, I was never.. ever had felt as offended as I have tonight. Oh, I don't know.. possibly it's my own mistake to begin with but really. I'm actually.. really.. feeling pure rage under my skin.

This sucks.
You suck!
What a complete waste. I shouldn't have bothered building up my courage.

What's more annoying, in this case.. I actually see myself begging for attention in the near future! Screw you for being a friend! urrghhhh!!! *verry frustrated here*


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