Friday, June 23, 2006

This morning..

I fell asleep at around 9am.
I've wrote that quick update, put away my book and decorated my slingbag with some pins.
Then I fell asleep.
Later my father strirred me a bit, asked what I had wanted for dinner.
When I finally woke up - after hearing something a little too familiar from the telly, my father just chuckled.
And he asked, "had a good sleep?"

The time was 8:20pm

Horrible! I was just horrible!!
And my mom spurted out, "whoa, Wanie slept for 24 hours!"
My father made fun of that while I just managed to smile groggily.
I have NEVER slept this long!!! It's just horrible!!

My father was looking at tonight's WK match schedule and said to me, "are you going to watch them?"
- "Takkan Wanie nak tido??" (I can't go back to sleep, can I??)
He laughed.


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