Sunday, July 16, 2006


I discover two things about myself today!
Well.. actually it's just one thing, and another one was discovered yesterday afternoon!

1. I should never listen to Tearin' Up My Heart when I'm not doing anything else or I'd listen to every word they sing and interpret them so delicately and somehow find something from my past to tie them together. (Am I making sense? I hope I am!) Well, *NSYNC was NOT singing about my life and they have never been! Period.

This I Promise You? That song was a nightmare! Scary scary stuff - don't want to get into that! Now, I Drive Myself Crazy was something. Okay, maybe *NSYNC didn't sing something about me, but if I ever do stupid things like throw love away, this shall be my song. Although, I was trying to find the version with JC sings the first verse but I couldn't find it anywhere! Bummer.
Good thing I still have their The Winter Album! *lol* Maybe I should try find the CD. You know how casettes sounds like after a couple of years! Man, and I so love JC's version better than Chris'.. the guitar sounds better even with that small clink, which gets me to smile sometimes.

2. I should carry a notebook and a pen everytime I go to shower. Seems like it's the only time when that writer's block of mine is lifted! My mind works fine as I brushed my teeth yesterday! Now I'm anxious what my head will get around to when I go to shower this morning!

Okay. Don't feel like anything else. I'm on a quest to find that *NSYNC song I talked about. I'm so desperate for it that I've been listening to the 30 seconds sample I found over and over. So far, all I'm getting is frustration.


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