Wednesday, July 05, 2006


That was funny.

Germany's match with Italia was funny!
It's sad, really. Well, not sad. It was pathetic. ahhahha!! Obviously.. obviously thou shall not root for a team just because you like their good lookin' coach!

Good thing I only have one team to support or I'd be crushed!
Didn't happen! ahahhahaha!! Now I'm just laughing my ass off.

But I do feel bad for Lehmann. He'd been pretty good along the matches. Just to show that good great teams has the best defence line! That's why Germany lost tonight. Although, I think it would've been romantic if Italia hadn't scored that second goal.
I mean, with one goal.. you'd talk on for days about "The Winning Goal". Now, two goals.. you'll just talk on for days about how silly the Germans had played this one!

Okay. Need to go to sleep. My body-clock has finally settled to this time zone - even with the World Cup. I kept falling off to sleep just now, which isn't entirely my fault since the game was horribly uneventful until the extra time!

I have to say though, this World Cup has been.. mostly uneventful. I lost count at how many penalty shoot-outs there had been up to this point. The thought of achieving a result by penalties is just.. putting me off!
Let's hope that tomorrow's match between bangang-Portugal and France won't result to a penalty shoot-out.


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