Monday, July 17, 2006

Alaa.. Wanie lupe..

Forgetfulness is NOT adorable.
Sori Pa..
I feel so awful, I will listen to you for the entire tomorrow, promise! (hehe. Tomorrow je..)

Had a.. "jumble of things" sort of day. It was mostly frustrating and depressing.
Pretty glad that I only had Muz as a company, (Pakcik Cine was earlier invited but for what ever reason, he bailed out!) since I was cranky the whole time.
Terrible mood swings, even worse than Muz'! (heh!)

Started off with a late start in the morning that led to a situation that sounds a lot more interesting if I claim as a "wardrobe malfunction" even though it was nowhere close to that whole Janet-thing. Got to Midvalley around 2pm which should obviously mean = A WHOLE LOAD OF PEOPLE IN LINE!
Need I say that I completely forgot to book the movie tickets on early Friday? Total nightmare!! I had forgotten what it feels like to be in a line THAT long! jeez!

After we got our tix, we decided to hang out at Coffee Bean - instead of getting lunch which ought to be the smarter choice. We stayed there for about three and a half hours (crazy, yeah?) doing almost nothing. It started as a nice sit&chat session but I grew miserable as I failed to write anything inside my notebook. (It was one of those times when there were too many noise and distractions that even the voice in your head refused to add to the sounds!)
Then there was this boy. God! That boy!! Now the story that I'm working on has a villain! (Refer to Muz if you need an explanation. If you don't know her, too bad 'cause I'm not telling!)

Note to self: Apparently I can't work as Rowling does; write in cafes. *sigh* NEED - TO - FIND - "THING"!

After a quick look at MPH, we went to the cinema and watched Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest (Lanun-lanun Pulau Caribbean : Peti Lelaki Mati that's it, I think! Priceless.) Okay.. to those who haven't seen this film, possible spoilers ahead! I'm going to be honest, that's for certain.

The film was funny.. haha-funny and not weird-funny. At least that's what I think it had been since the minute I stepped out of the cinema, I completely forgot what the whole thing was about.
Sorry to say, but Pirates was FORGETTABLE. Such a shame since Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom was pretty awesome in it! (I have to try to remember it instead of the memories naturally come to me.)
Funny moments; I absolutely adore that part with the swinging cage! The soundtrack was hilarious!! Love that. And the whole sword fighting scene at the island. Neat. Other than that.. disappointingly forgettable!

The ending was heartbreaking. Well, I find it heartbreaking.
No, the real ending was amusing - if you're willing to stay long enough until the last credits rolled out of the screen! But the "main" ending was heartbreaking. I am worried. Honestly I don't think it's what most people would feel care about, but as always, I'm keen on "other stuff" rather than the obvious things, so I was; heartbroken! (Got to stop using that word!)
Question: This isn't actually a spoiler, is it? Well, the warning was only for safety measures.

So! Reasons to see this film, it's the sequel to the first one! Everybody loves to catch a sequel even though half of them ends in a disappointment. It's a fact! --And everyone was great, really. Just blame the characters when they're being idiotic.
Ohh, Kiera Knighley was fine even though she didn't get much screen time. But I have a completely different opinion on Elizabeth Swann. Darn that compass! (Don't mind me on this one.)

It was nine something by the time we got out of the cinema and now I'm completely knackered to add anything else.
Found out something new about myself! I don't write well when I'm depressed! All I can think of is how I feel and that doesn't help at all.
Ooh~ Schumy won the French race. woo~! (in no state for the -hoos!) Ohh, and I think it's really cool that he was at the Germany's final game at the WK for the third placing. Cool man indeed.

That's about it!


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