Monday, July 10, 2006


humm.. okay.
Congratulations to the Azzurri and their fans.. for picking the right team!
No offence to either of them but I don't feel anything for the Italians, so.. sorry!

My mind is more to Les Blues.
*sigh* It was heartbreaking to see Zidane exit like that. It was.. a shame! I didn't think it was shameful.. It was a shame. *sigh* I could cry. Nobody should end their career that way, especially not Zidane!! I was shocked! Really shocked!
Makes you wonder what that Materazzi fella said to Zidane and made him blew like that! It was very much unlike him! It was.. Rooney-esque!! Or maybe Figo!! Definitely NOT Zidane!
I was.. devastated, actually!

After he was sent off, I have to admit, the game didn't matter much to me anymore. Having to depend on Barthez on the shoot-out?? - I don't think so! Plus, the fact that Buffon is the number one goal keeper in the world and the highest paid at that! *sigh* Clearly, a losing battle.
Then there was Trezeguet, whom had kicked the ball in a funny way.
Honestly! Honestly!

Well, I'm not as angry as I could've been if it had been England playing tonight. Since France is only "that other team" I was rooting for, I am oddly still capable of rationalizing the whole game - which is good or I would've cursed a whole lot instead of a calm-like entry as this.
My dad was convinced that if it had been England playing tonight, and lost to a penalty shoot-out, I would've really cried. hahhaha!! He's right, o'course! I would have cried out of frustration. And fatigue.

Humm.. still upset over Zidane's exit. Just.. awful!! An awful awful way for a great player to end his career. Awful!!

Anyways, Muz reckons I was pulling her leg when I told her the reason why I was so keen on Zidane. Okay, I'm not too sure if anyone remembers my entry on "patterns" some time ago. It was about the theory Carrie Bradshaw had said on Sex and the City; that everyone has a pattern, that they always pick something similar to what they have picked before. Well, something like that! I'm trying to simplify it into this paragraph. *grins* So here's my pattern;
Zinedine Zidane JC Chasez

ahhahaha!! Sorry.. Not too sure if you could see the pattern here, but I swear I tried my best, looking for the pictures that would show you their similarities but turns out, Zidane doesn't smile just as much as JC doesn't frown! *giggle* I still can't help myself grinning everytime I see a photo of JC.

Okay. Enough giggling like a school girl.
By the way, I broke my guitar string earlier today! Such a bummer. Now I can't play any of my favourite songs (or at least, the ones I can actually play!) since they all require me to play a D note or a D minor.. and I broke my sixth string!! urrghh!
Ohh, Yahoo! has updated the main page.. "--French star Zinedine Zidane ends his career by losing his cool." *grunts and sighs* I hope he'll have a great life now that he won't be playing anymore.. Just as he was great on the field. *sigh* Why Zidane, whyyy??? (apparently, I'm in denial.)


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