Tuesday, July 04, 2006

*giggle giggle*

I know..
a few days ago, it had seemed impossible to imagine that I would start giggling again anytime soon.
(yes, England's friggin' lost to Portugal had meant that much to me. hahha!)

Looking forward to tonight's game between Germany and Italia! I have no preferences but I'm thinking that Germany has been strong since the start of the finals. Plus, I like their youthful coach! (see, when in doubt, just stick to the physical attraction!)

Well, to be honest I just felt the need to blog something out after seeing that Celcom ad on telly!! *giggle* It was two days ago, I think when I first saw those footballers ad - the one of two guys along with Owen and GERRARD!! ahhahahha!! (I feel bad for not getting a good look at the other two.) Pirez? Was there Pirez in it?? Well, can't be sure, I was just too excited after seeing Owen and Gerrard in it! *giggles*
So anyways, then just now there was another Celcom ad with Stevie Gerrard talking about Celcom! AHHAHAHHAHAHA!! Well, he did sound like a zombie but boy, I've never been SO proud to have been a Celcom user before!!!

Anyway, here's a link to Celcom Football Mad Nation where you can find some really neat promo vids for the World Cup! There's also a video clip of that Celcom song.. the one that keeps on going "Oooo~" heehee!

Have a good evening, everyone!


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