Sunday, July 02, 2006


England lost.

Pretty expectable, but you know me.. Even though I had expected it, I still have that slight hope that they'd stop disappointing me (and other England fans, including those English people themselves!) and rise to the occasion.
Didn't happen, of course! I think English people are alike Malay people in so many ways! - but that's another topic, so let's leave it at that!

The game was excrutiatingly long, with stupid stupid chances that Lampard had LOST for his team - effing stupid English! - and early retirement by the capitan, Beckham. I was sure he had asked Sven to hold off the switch, but I don't think Sven had that mad drive to win - effing stupid Swedish! And Rooney!! Don't get me started on him!! Wasn't it enough to be caught throwing a tantrum on the camera some weeks ago? He just had to push off C. Ronaldo, hadn't he?? - effing stupid fat, childish English!! And Gerrard! God, Gerrard!! I don't usually have bad things to talk about him, but GOD!! I think he kept getting his effing stupid English feet to an angle that just couldn't help his team! Those long passes crosses!! Duude!! What happened to youuuu?? It was just infuriating!! Really really infuriating.
By the second half I just couldn't shout at the telly any longer 'cause my blood was bubbling too much. I was exceptionally quiet, I amazed myself!

To think that I had thought it was cute before the start of the game when the camera was showing Beckham and Figo talking and smiling, and so did Rooney and C. Ronaldo. Now I just want them to DIE!!!!
- the Portugese, of course!
(I've said it before, I'm a sucker for disappointers - hoping that they will change.. someday! Tunggu Wanie berjanggut maybe, so long as that day will arrive!)

So funny that Dida and Muz had tried to calm me down when I complaint to them after the match. I really should start listening to myself and not put too much hope on the English! (A lie!)
Now, I REALLY want those French to kick those Portugese ARSES!!!!!!!! The Portugese shall NOT even smell the cup!! *roars* <-- three lions' worth of a roar. *hint smile*

The French did an amazing upset! After the English match I had told Dida that I like Zidane and she said, "ohh, Wanie don't. You've had enough disappointment for the night, better not root for France!" ahhahahhaha!! I was asleep most of the match, but when I woke up, Henry scored that winning goal! hahhaha!! (and Zidane and Ronaldo was cute before the start of the game!)
The French had definitely woke up from their sleep!

Okay. I am feeling better since last night, but I won't get over England's lost! Not until Portugal gets knocked out of the match!! Those effing Portugese...
I'm just angry.. sad.. I knew that if England doesn't score in the game, they'd lose the penalty shoot-out. They'd never been good at that! They're HORRIBLE at it!! It's just sad.. with Lampard, and Gerrard. To think that Liverpool had won 9 out of 10 penalty shoot-outs! It's disappointing.. infuriating.. sad.


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