Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I had an urge

I went out today.
Was planning to go out at eleven but my darned tudung seemed to be making a habit of disappearing just when I needed it, so I only managed to step out of the house a quarter past. Late, yet still hoping that I'd manage to catch the 12:30 show of The Lake House in GSC - I failed, naturally, and I blame the stupid KTM commuter's schedule completely!

So I bought a ticket for the next show which was at 2:45. With hours to waste, I decided to go to MPH in hopes of saving a little money from buying a certain cup of something from a certain familiar chain store - which was fab since I can easily spend an hour around Classics and Chick Lit alone! But of course, by the second hour it became hard as I can easily find three books that I should read everytime I enter a bookstore. In today's case, I found ten!! - and by the end of The Lake House I had made up my mind to buy a completely different book (different as in it wasn't among the earlier ten books that made my list). So I returned to MPH but unfortunately I couldn't find a single copy of it!!
I went home with a frown. Heartbroken was the word.

The Lake House was nice. It was predictable to a point - until a small twist of chance - predictable non the less, but nice. Really. There were moments that made me wonder how they let it go that long or slow, or how the camera sat still not even moving an inch to make the scene slightly more interesting, but it shouldn't matter much to anyone else.

If you're not a big fan of logical things, this is the movie for you. As for me, I love this film and I think fondly of it but I couldn't help wondering how the letters of the main characters; Alex and Kate, could possibly defy the laws of physics! You can't blame me for being curious.
The film didn't get me any close to crying as I had expected. I guess my logic sort of got the better of me, instead of the usual; submersing my thougts into the romantics of the entire thing. Pity.

Now wishing that I had loads of money to buy all those books I saw today. I might go back though. A complete collection of Shakespeare's works for RM19.90!! The same price goes for Oscar Wilde's! I'd be crazy to not snag it up sometime soon!! (might have to ask my dad for some money though *lol*)

Anyway, later my dad picked me up from the commuter and I had my super late lunch at McD waiting for the time to pick my mom up. We headed to the MPH in SACC since my mom was running late and guess what? I found the 11th book on my list!! woot~!

Currently reading: Persuasion by Jane Austen
and listening to: This Never Happened Before by Paul McCartney (download!)
ps: stupid love song!!
pps: you should know that I don't really find this song stupid.
ppps: but it's making me stupid.


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