Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm disoriented.

Been feeling weird this entire night.
My head has been spinning since the afternoon and it still is. I'm not exactly sick, but this "spinning" has got to end soon or I might just throw up.

My dad caught a glimpse of my Blogger status-page earlier and he chuckled when he read the huge title; Absent minded ramblings. heh! It might not sound great but a chuckle.. a single piece of recognition could really swell me up in pride. Especially when it comes from my dad since he's not the kind who gives away compliments so freely.

I know that kinda sounds like it should mess up my psyche so let's avoid getting in too deep on that topic and allowing myself to claim that I am the way I am because of the way my father had treated his children. How completely Freudian.

There had been a rerun of Oprah tonight; it was the one with Ricky Martin talking about child trafficking and the new homes for the tsunami survivor in Thailand. I admit that Oprah is a nice person and cares about a lot of things, but I'm starting to get really irritated by her!

1. Remember that episode with Paula Malai Ali representing all Malaysian women? What a lie that was! She had made it sound like every women in Malaysia would spend an afternoon threading their eyebrows, looks great 24/7 and lives in a large apartment. Honestly, if Oprah really cared about "Malaysian women", she should know that Paula is by no means suited to represent this country.

2. On tonight's show, they were trying to point Indonesia on a map on screen but what-d'ya-know, the red dot was actually in between Thailand and Malaysia!! Nowhere near Indonesian land! Come on, how can anyone works for a wide-audienced show and let a slip up that big?? Honestly, if you can't tell the geographical locations, just skip it! It was seriously disturbing.

I probably shouldn't blame on Oprah and blame on the show's producer or something, but I won't sit here quiet and let her slip by. It's her show and she practically advertises herself as someone who really cares and smart.
Doesn't look smart to me.
Ohh and don't get me started on her magazine!

I'm certainly not angry. Just, very annoyed - and irritated.
But on a lighter note,
Happy Birthday Joanne Rowling!
- and Harry too, of course!

Currently listening to: the winds outside, bringing forth the rain.


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