Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Slightly ticked.

Of course, this person who ticked me couldn't possibly tell that he's ticking me off since it's typically me not to come up to one's face and completely poke them in the chest. Confrontation makes me nervous. I might be born with a quick wit, but don't ask me to speak so much of that wit. I'm only good with words when I write. I stutter a lot when I speak - or spit. *lol* I'm rambling.

Now that our family has got a new ride (since that whole Dida's accident thing late last year!) Papa had suggested that we went to OU to try out that Waffle World (? sorry, not quite sure of its name) shop. Now that I'm around and have actually tasted Belgian waffles, we're going to see if the waffle there is any good as the waffles I had in Belgium. haha! My dad's idea - not mine!
So we might head there sometime this week, and I am hoping that I could fix my guitar around that time! (sheesh! I've got to stop yacking about the guitar!)

I was eating one of those Mini Cornetto's earlier and I felt so lucky!
I just feel lucky that I wasn't allergic to peanuts! Okay, laugh at this if you will but you have to be thankful if you're not allergic as well! Think about the things some people might have to miss!
A good cone of ice cream.. honey glazed cashews.. a complete nasi lemak meal.. sambal kacang!! I'm thankful that I'm not allergic to sambal kacang, that's for certain! *lol* I'm rambling again.

I've been misspelling things lately. It's like, just now when I had wanted to spell cashews, I'd spelled it sashews. Or sone for cone, and vice versa with things that should start with an S instead of a C. Nina joked that I have an odd kind of dyslexia. Sabo je laa..
It's annoying, having to go back and correct these small things when I'm easily irritated by grammar/spelling mistakes! Hopefully I'll get over this soon.

Dida messaged me earlier and told me she was at Pathe to catch The Break Up. How unfair! It'll only be out over here in August 3rd. But The Lake House isn't out yet over there and I might catch it this Wednesday if I feel like going out! hah! Eat that! *grins* But I'm proud that my sister is watching a movie at the cinema by herself! That is so Wanie. *rofl*

Okay! I suppose that's enough of a "jumble of things". Just wanted to let off some steam while I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to write next.

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