Thursday, July 13, 2006

Strangers, Relatives and The Photographer.

I was listening to Strays Don't Sleep, carried away by their song For Blue Skies when my father shouted at me. Alarmed, he had a small smile on his face and I realized that he had to shout to get my attention.
He then said, "would you like to be the photographer on Cik Mi's engangement and wedding day?"
It sounded great, so I said "okay".

But now that I've had a couple of minutes thinking about it, I'm having doubts. I mean, yikes! "The Photographer". Do you know what a huge responsability that is?? Double yikes!! So I'm proud of the photos I took in Europe, but to be The Photographer on a wedding day????
Can I say no to my dad, now?

I know I said I love hanging around strangers, but distant relatives.. I know they might as well be a stranger since you don't know them all that well, but you're supposed to know them, don't you?? How awkward that's going to be! You see, that's why I don't like family-bonding moments. They always give me headaches.
Although I must say, Nina's wedding surprisingly didn't give me any headaches. Maybe it was the great foods and I had my friends there. So cool of them to show up! (Mind, I don't even talk to half of them these days.)

Back to this photography thing. It probably won't work out great since I take a lot of time for a single shot. I hate simply pointing at one spot and click! I leave that point-and-click for my lomo! Unserious stuff. Fun stuff. Expensive-fun stuff.

Then again, if I am going to have the camera as my company that day, I wouldn't have to socialize much! *manic laugh* And I wouldn't have to help around in the kitchen which I had always hated 'cause that's where all the aunties go crazy and orders me around and I feel like an obligated slave. (Okay, slave is a horrible choice for word. Labour then.) I'd usually feel like an obligated labour; which is terrible since I love being the lazy-arse of the family.

But of course, if I'm going to be the photographer, I'm going to be the last one to eat since I'm going to have to take pictures of other people eating!! *manic laugh again* Okay, that's awful.
(As you can see, I'm practically doing my pros and cons right here!)

That's it! I made my mind. I'm not going to say no to my dad!
I'd rather starve than being told where I should put the rendang!
(funnily, that's my view on how to live my life as well.)


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