Sunday, July 09, 2006


I like having friends.
But I kinda like strangers even more. Is it wrong?
I suppose I'm going to say that it's about that commitment thing, but it's more than that.

So here.. I might be losing some acquaintances with this entry.. but let's just see if I care, yeah?
I see a friend as a person who knows you. Doesn't really have to know know you deeply.. but just.. knows you. At least. While acquaintances are the rest of them.
I know it sounds horrible but I just can't keep a lot of friends. I can't care for a lot of people. I can't give that many people my attention. I know that I tend to not appreciate what I have so I see it's best that I don't have too many friends so I can be a good friend. A good person to some at least. It's my saving grace.

Strangers on the other hand, are just fab. For one magical moment you can share your thoughts with a random person, who could tell you so many new things that you've never knew before.
And when that moment had passed, you are never obligated to call them back. I guess it kinda sounds like a one night stand, but I suppose.. it is very much like a one night stand. ahhahahahahha!!! Okay, let's ignore what I'm kinda implying here and focus! Strangers are great.. but the thing about strangers.. they're only a stranger the first time 'round. The next time you see them, they've become an acquaintance. A shame, really.

I am missing that. Talking to strangers. I like getting on a train from Central to Shah Alam and have an elderly man talk to me about the way I write, or someone's father talk to me about how proud he was of his children while I was at work. Those different people at the travelling agencies in Rotterdam, even though they were only talking to me because it was their job. The friendly fish monger at the market place or the nice man at the kebab store in Paris. *smiling fondly*

Pardon the reminiscing. I think I've figured out something about myself just now! This entry kinda sounds somber but I had a nice evening actually.
Big thanks to my friends who had knew me well enough to say all the right things tonight and.. flattered me in so many ways. This song is totally dedicated to you guys.. I hope you know who you are. To a certain acquaintance, I'm sorry that I blew you off.

Can't wait 'til kick-off!!
It better start soon or I'll write something else more somber, yikes!


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