Thursday, July 27, 2006


my mom has suddenly taken up exercising for what ever reason.
have - to - erase - the image of her skipping with that skipping rope.

and my dad plainly laughs at the way I sing since I had my earphone on.

just great.
my family the comedian.


My father has ESP!! *lol*
I was looking at him and said that I feel like eating something. He offered me some crisps but I didn't feel like eating those, so he just looked at me and suddenly something in both our heads just clicked!
He was like, "let's.." and I went, "really?" and got up from lying in front of the telly as he got out of the couch and put on his "outside" pants. All the while my mom was looking at us and kept asking, "what? where are you two going?"

We went to A&W in PJ.
I had coney dog and a rootbeer while my dad got the waffle with ice-cream. Then he asked, how would I rate that waffle with a Belgian waffle, and I said... "it's incomparable" and he slouched as a respond, but as a joke - I think! I hope! 'Cause if it's serious, I said some considerably nasty things after that then.

Okie! Enough blogging! I should be reading some book or write some really smart things actually!
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