Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You'll see.

Today's line-that-won't-get-out-of-my-head;
I'm swimming in my abyss of insecure blue
A line from JC Chasez' song Lose Myself.

Anyway, today has been a pretty "okay" day.
Actually it's been slow. Been sleeping most of the time 'cause of the hot weather. (I'm hybernating at the wrong season.) I usually hate slow days, but today turns out pretty fine!
And why, you ask?
Because I found this website which shares some really rare *NSYNC songs!! *manic laugh* (Sorry, I promise I'll get over this whole *NSYNC madness soon.) There's this song I'm really loving called If I'm Not The One but somehow my Winamp won't play it and I have no idea why. So I have Winamp and WMP on the desktop.

woops. Now I'm ticked about something, so before I start cursing like shit.. better go now. Ohh, I worked on this last night;

Things I'm (still) looking forward to:
1. Artemis Fowl : The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer due in September!
2. The Solomon Key, no earlier than 2007. (I talk about books a lot, don't I? Man, I need a new book to read!)
3. JC's next album due in August/September (Fall). There's this song I'm already crazy about, I'm Not Sleeping Alone which sounds.. like so JC and just the reason why I adore him! (btw, if anyone has that song in full, please please let me know! Been looking all over for it!)
4. Pirates of the Caribbean 3, rumoured to be released on May (25th!) 2007! We'll see if this date is actually right! Honestly, I'm not really desperately looking forward to this but I'm curious.

Now. Peace -not!!
More like piss-ed.


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