Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy National Day!!

So I'm home from my trip to the beach with dear Alia and Arep and Leen. But I can't write much since I'm supposed to come with the family to Nina's house in Seremban! hah! Naik bosan lalu the same highway.

Will edit the video/vlog I did when I get back home. For now you can just enjoy the video Dida took from KLCC right HERE!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I shall enjoy the day--

1. instead of sulk over a certain disappointment.
2. even when I honestly feel like digging a hole and hide in it for a century.
3. instead of staying utterly annoyed by my friggin' Y!M
4. since I'm meeting up Alia later and we're heading to the beach for National Day! (It makes no sense, but it sounds fun, doesn't it?)
5. even when I had that stupid dream about that stupid someone with his stupid presence again last night! (I'm beginning to think that he's a nightmare.)

Going to get my shower now.
Btw, here's a fine example of good connections;

(Pae gave this song to Alia, Alia gave it to me, and here I'm giving it to you to listen to it too..)

Truth and lies.

I am a super-slow eater that sometimes I said I was full when I'm really not just so everyone else doesn't have to wait 'til I'm finished.
Just can't help it. I hate people waiting on me. And I just can't eat any faster.. so that's one lie I'm good at!

Alia and I are chasing the same guy.
A big whopping LIE!
hahha! We had a funny conversation on the way back from dinner and I just cannot NOT note about it in here.

I broke a nail and I care a whole lot about that nail!
Vain, I know. But I cared 'cause it looked horrifying! What's more, I broke it while I was bowling! roawr. And I was SO lousy today. bah!

Just put up another vlog on LifeLogger and now I shall upload today's pictures on Fotopages.
Cik Alia, nak gambaaa! Incik Syafiq, mau gambaa!!

Now mari layan lagu lama!
Currently listening to: Memory by Sugarcult

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thank you-s.

Incik Cine for chatting with me earlier and saved me from being ultimately bored by the telly.

Rai and Musz for replying my psychotic-induced messages.

Cik Alia for coming over and asked me out to meet her lovely friend Nur.

Pae for being a Pisces. haha!!

-- and Arep for giving me some lines to fill this entry with;
Arep ni baik.. budiman dan sebagainye.
Right. (sarcastically.. haha!)

Earlier Alia asked if my mom had called and I said "no.. surprisingly!" Turns out she actually left me a message at 2:30 and once I got home, she started lecturing me about my future.
Okay, I know she meant well.. but my head is SO thick, I just can't listen to her! It's something she said about not aiming too high..

Sorry Ma.. I'm not exactly purposely challenging you but I just couldn't listen to your psychological efforts to change me.

Monday, August 28, 2006

I think I'll miss you forever

I just got.. probably the funniest phone call ever, in weeks! hahha! Sorry to have gotten you in trouble dude. Itulaa.. you haven't introduced us, or she would've known that you don't attract me the slightest bit! Kan daah.. Sorry though! hahha! Bengong.

I'm laughing now but I have a funny feeling in the heart actually. Earlier, before the phone call, I was writing about something and I had needed some info on some things so I flipped open one of my old diaries. It took a while before I found what I was looking for but in the mean time, I found old things that had been burried for so long that I had almost forgotten that it ever existed.
Well, now it's out there again. Feelings oh feelings..

I'm not exactly upset. But I'm definitely NOT indifferent. To cry seem a bit too dramatic but I really don't know how to let this restlessness out.
Hah. Idiot! Why ever did you have to go away?
Though I'm not exactly sure that I'm feeling this way because of the used-to-be strong attachment I had or I'm just being a sore loser. Probably both. heh!
O well, I'll forget again come tomorrow, yah?

Currently listening to: I'll Be Okay by McFLY
(brilliant, my Winamp seems to know exactly what to play!)

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Dida asked me to buy the CD the week before she came home and now I'm absolutely addicted to their songs. It's not surprising that I only repeat the slow songs.. haha! Can't help myself but I adore the sad ones than the happy ones.

Anyway, Azraai will be out of the city for a week or two and I feel utterly doomed somehow. haha! Yes, yes.. I am going to miss my buddy! No one to drag me out of the bed.
I shall mope around from now 'til Azraai gets back or Alia comes around and persuade me to come out. (As if that's going to be hard!)

God, I am still rather annoyed about last night!!!

Ohh, I didn't tell you about yesterday's activity. Rai and myself went to kidnap Alia from her house in Subang and brought her to Arep's Archifest in uITM. We missed the first 7 bands and caught Arep's just in time! hahha!
We hung around 'til the event ended and drove off to McD and met up with Idris and Shahrir and ended up having maggi goreng in Section 9.
About half past two, my mom called. Yeech!

Then I got home, feeling horrible and absolutely resolved to be the worst daughter any parent can have. (Of course, I did't feel like drinking and smoking at the moment so I ended up just sulking and being bitter.) I updated the blog, then I joined my dad watching Tiger Woods getting four bogeys in a row. yikes!
I slept around 6, when I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Okay, if you're keen on listening to Ungu you can go to my lifelog and become a friend. From there, it's easy-peasy as you can just go to my Audio and voila!
(Subconcious message: Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult!!)
If not, you can just download Demi Waktu from Ares and listen to THAT over and over. I don't mind. heh!
note: You won't see the mp3s if you're not a "friend".

Currently listening to: Sejauh Mungkin by Ungu.

Can I cry?

I am horribly frustrated by that sly mother of mine. It doesn't even help that I am extremely jealous of my friends -- for being able to go out and not get nagged by their parents.
Seriously....... frustrating.
It's an awful thing to say but I miss school for the freedom I have over my 24 hours. I have honestly never thought of how precious time really is.

It's even more awful to say that I only realized this after having my mom nagging on me every single night for the past week.
I tried to explain but she doesn't seem to care much with what I have to say. That's my Scorpio mom. heh.

It's 2:52am, and I'm actually typing this out on my sister's computer as we (me, Azraai and Arep) are driving through Glenmarie right after we sent Alia home. I'm feeling down now. Really.
I am really sad over my mom's call. It's the way she talked to me. I feel like a child. Like a stupid, pathetic child.

And I was talking to the boys and I just found myself -- actually "pathetic". Not exactly something you'd like to find out about yourself.
Gaahhh!! I think I am more sad and frustrated by the fact that I am going through this when I'm 21! I thought I've gone pass it during high school.
Shutting off the laptop now. I'm too messed up say anything else. Hope the rest of you are feeling way better that I am.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

How vain is too vain?

LifeLogger is getting better, I swear!
Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up. Sign up!
I feel like I'm recruiting people for a cult. haha!!

I just got a new friend request who left me a note that he thought I was getting better at podcasting. wee! I am SO proud!!
I am just SO in love with LifeLogger and even I think it's weird!

LL, what are you doing to meee?! I feel like a groupie and loving it!
*manic laugh*

In a brilliant mood these days. Hope it'll last forever!!


That was some night I had! Ohh, I am SO in love with those peeps! A shout out to Cik Alia and Pet!! You guys are SUCH darlings.

Alia picked Azraai and I up at half past ten and we picked Ahmadsyah and went to Midvalley to watch Snakes On A Plane -- which I thought was HILARIOUS!!
Mind, it wasn't actually comedy but if you have the sense of humour as I and Azraai do, you are going to have quite an entertainment out of that film. Of course, when I say "entertainment" it meant "laughing at how bad the film was". Seriously, the film was BAADDD.

B-rated, surely! We went out of the cinema wondering how Samuel L. Jackson got sucked into the film. Seriously, it was terrible!!
It makes you just wonder.. how did the snakes got so.. vicious! Really curious.
By the way, Alia had been calling Rai and myself chipmunks for laughing so much the entire night.

We went to A&W after the movie.
Then we headed to Putrajaya -- hilarious again! Took silly pictures that I wish I could put up here but it's on Rai's camera and I will just have to wait when for him to give them up. (Still waiting on the ones on Sapik's cam!)

It was about 7 when we head back to Shah Alam and had breakfast. Originally planned to hit some pins afterwards but the bowling alley wasn't open 'til 10pm. We thought it'd be such a long time to just wait it out so we headed to uITM and did a bit of scavenger hunt for Arep!
That was funny since we found him blissfully curled up under his work table! We woke him up -- of course! hahha!! Like little devils we were!

We were just hanging out and messing around his place until Cik Alia got a call from her pops, asking for the car. So at half past ten, she sent us all back home.
Thank you SO MUCH Cik Alia!! I had looaadss of fun last night! (O'course, I also love her for her insight on things.)
God, you guys are bloody brilliant!! Even at those times when Rai ticked me off! hahha!!

(Podcast #20)

Anyway, I should get my shower and and get some sleep.. But my mom; my very sly mother has persuaded me to come with her to the store (by foot!) if I want her to buy me a recharge card for my prepaid. hahha! See.. she's absolutely ditsy, but she knows me too well. (Well, only in the "money" department actually. I think that's what moms knows best!) So I'll be getting my shower and go to the store now.

The odd thing is, I don't even feel slightly sleepy! hahha!!

Party Girl
(my nickname for the day!)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Honesty is the best policy?

Well, I only recite that since I can't lie.
I was an awesome liar when I was little, then my conscience grew as I grew older (curse you!!) and now I am incapable of lying.
Of course, on some rare occasions that I manage to lie.. even a little, it'd make me twistedly proud. hahha!

A friend asked me who my crush is. hahha!! Well, I dared him to it so that practically says "you asked for it!"
I told him that I don't have any, but the unattainable men has seem more attractive these days.

I won't try to explain that even though it tempts me so. I refuse to even try to make sense of its psychological meaning.
I think I'd only make myself sound nuts somehow, so lets let that line and the thoughts that rose from it roam free.

Currently listening to:

I'm afraid if you like this song and would want to have it, you have to look for it yourself! (This is Ungu - Aku Bukan Pilihan Hatimu) Or you can also become a friend of my LifeLogger! hahha!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seriously Spastic!

sangat sangat klakar
Ohh, I am SO in love with FUNN!!!

It started with an innocent game of bowling and somehow ended when my parents wouldn't stop calling me and ordered me to come home!!
Geez.. I suppose even "cool parents" have their limits!
But see.. I had such a good time, even that couldn't spoil my mood for the rest of this night.

Anyway, thank you Pae, Azraai, Alia, Syafiq and Arep for making this particular girl completely delirious for the night!!
Forget Johor. This night had been way more fun than the entire trip!!

ps: More pics on fotopages!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm home!
Will have a proper update later.. maybe.

Right now I'd only want to say that I am rather pissy about something! roawr!
On a lighter note, I think it says a lot when after being away from the computer for 3 days.. It's the first thing I run to when I got home, and checked my email. Which turned out to be a complete dud. sheesh!
So I'm running away from it now.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blasts from the past.

Now, I can't speak for everyone who are featured in this entry.. but for me, I miss the used-to-laugh-a-lot I had.
I was actually looking for a video.. (Beta-year video clip assignment, anyone?) Wish I had a copy of it but I don't -- so if you (whomever you are..) have the Fungus Amongus video.. (God, I can't even remember what the song's title anymore!) please please.. tell me!!
Anyway, while I was looking, I actually found my old website that I hardly remember it existed and there were these;
Blast #1
Blast #2
Blast #3
Blast #4
Blast #5
Boy, weren't we young!
Hope you guys are having a wonderful life! I know just reading your blog every now and then doesn't really mean that I know what's really going on with your lives.

Okay, I SO need to pack my bag, like NOW!
ohh right.. Heppy Birthday Sapik!! ahhahaha!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another video..


Did my second ever vlog today! You can watch it on LifeLogger.

Hey babe!

Ohh.. what unnecessary ideas occupying me since last night!
Okay. Planning a very quick entry so here goes.

1. I have funny friends who knew me too well that it annoys and amuses me in the same time.
2. I am rather harsh.. NO. Very harsh to my acquaintances when they say the wrong things to me -- like when they want to get too personal with me when I don't feel half as comfortable with them. (Yes, I admit that I have a huge thick wall between me and most people.)
3. I am more open to strangers than I am to acquaintances -- which is just ODD! Never mind this.
4. Hanis is flying back tomorrow!!
5. Last night my mom asked me if Azraai hadn't had any other friends that ME -- which I responded with a big BIG laugh!
6. Arep promoted his Archifest that'll be on August 25th to September 2nd. (I like passing things on!)
7. Need to reload my mobile if I want to get back to Dani's SMS last week! ahhahaha!! I'm such a horrible friend.
8. Asha messaged my Y!M last night, out of the blue but I have to admit, I like catching up to my old friends.. I do.
9. I'm going for a short road trip to JB and Singapore tomorrow! 'Til Tuesday. woo~hoo!! I've always wanted to go to Singapore -- just because it's the neighbouring country and I've never ever been there!
10. Got to go now.. My sister just called and asked if I had wanted to come with her and see the Ghost and Ghouls Exhibition in Shah Alam Museum. hohho!

Currently listening to: Sexed Up by Robbie Williams

Friday, August 18, 2006



Ohh by the way..
Your ability to be intimate with others may be influenced by a lack of commitment. You may find it difficult to make emotional promises, even if you are married. People you don't know well may find you somewhat distant.
Haha!! I don't know if that's a compliment or something else. It started alright, then it goes the other way, I think!
Take the Palm Read Test now.

Tired.. Not exactly a strenuous day, but it was mentally tiring.
I played bowling today! My scores were 115 - 127 - 113! Hahha! 100 points average.. Not so pathetic after all!


I survived the gathering!!

Well, I dearly love to laugh and I managed that a few times so I must say.. the meeting wasn't all that bad! Me and Rai swore not to ditch each other and we.. almost didn't. hahha! Well, it was alright.

I especially love catching up to Nani. A SHOUT OUT TO NANII!! I'm now convinced that I remember the recipe to her mom's famous fried macaroni. heh!
Talking to Leen (Arep's girl) about our old days in choir was hilarious too!!

So really.. I loooove to laugh and since I had expected the whole thing to be dreadful, the gathering was pretty alright!

Thank you Azraai for bringing me out.. again!
I'm completely amazed that everyone completely remembers everyone else! (A huge exception to me o'course since I'm a big fat cow at remembering people!)

ps: there's a bit of a video I uploaded on LifeLogger!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My funny friend and me.

me: tomorrow.. if I say that I'm not going,
me: tell me that I've promised myself
me: if I get all stubborn
me: you have the rights to say anything bad to me
rai: it's alright, if you get stubborn..
rai: you just see what I'll do
rai: I have your address
rai: so you better prepare if you're not coming
rai: move away or something

Raja Muda gathering tonight.
Two of my school friends were trying to convince me to go. (Uggh! Gatherings! How dreadful!) I gave in -- oddly.
Mid-year resolution! TRY NOT TO BE SO MUCH OF AN ANTI-SOCIAL!!

I reckon I will be dragged to tomorrow's gathering.
If only boys weren't so amusing.
I'm going to blame you two if I don't have any fun at the gathering!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Azraai busuuuk!

haha. Thanks pet!!

Had a really fun outing. (Tiring!) But I thought it was neat! Thanks Azraai for being such a buddy!! Me - looove!

Had a breakfast date with the dude and it went out of "control" after we decided to catch a movie. So we went to Midvalley and saw Click which turned out to be a really good film! We loved it. Surprisingly awesome! (See it.. watch it! Make Adam Sandler richer! haha!)

Then we had lunch.. yada yada yadaaa.. I'm sure you're not interested in the details but let's summarize it to "a really nice outing!"
I bet passer-bys were annoyed by us when we kept talking about Europe for most of the time. haha!

We went to KLCC since he hasn't been to the place since he got back. Walked around which only got our feets tired. 7-something we left for KL Central and decided to hang out in Starbucks - which I think was the coolest thing we did in the entire day 'coz we played CHESS!! Hilarious! We were like so paranoid with every move!

Then we went home.. Took the commuter and later the taxi. It got Azraai back home first so for the rest of my journey, I made friends with the driver - and he was cool! haha!! I had real fun today! Don't know if Azraai thinks so too..

Thank you Azraai for bringing me out today!!
Appreciate everything. huhuu.. I am SO going to treat you when I get rich and famous! hahhaha!!

There's nothing better in the world than going around with someone great to talk with - and you are just that, pet!!

ps: Dah lupe ape tadi ye yee nak cerita. Ape ek tadi? Man. Short term memory lost again!
pps: Zodiac sign compatibility is SO NOT mumbo-jumbo, okkaaay!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


No update.
Absolutely na-da.

I spent 5 minutes trying to think the Malay word for "muse".
Whole five minutes!
I have no muse right now. Completely uninspired.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I'm a pinhead.
While I was in Europe with my sister, we decided to start collecting Hard Rock Cafe things. Dida collects the tee while I collect the pins.

Okay, I'm in a such bad mood actually so this is going to be short.
HRC Kuala Lumpur blows! It completely dampens my spirit. Honestly. If you collect pins as I do.. you'll think of this when you see the choices..

"Shall I choose the ugliest or the one that's less-ugly? Humm.."

Sad. Really really sad.
I'm usually excited when I got out of a HRC store.. All I felt just now was "stressed."

House's theme song sounded different..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dead man dying.

I had an exceptionally long night.
I blame my parents for going to bed early and deprived me of amusements.
So I did what I'd usually do on sleep-less nights; TV.. internet.. DVD.. porn (joking!)

It was about 5 when I finally turned off the laptop and realized that I've forgotten a piece of apple that my father had cut for me right before he went to bed. It had started to dry up - very unappealing, but I ate it anyway!
I surfed through the internet and I think I've found a place to look for Moleskine right here in Malaysia if the one I'm using is full. (Wonder when that will happen!)

Astro is adding more channels come September; Aruna for Indonesian dramas, Kirana for Asian and European films, Ceria for children, Zee TV; more Hindi stuff (as if we need more!) and Animax. Honestly speaking, I'm only game for Animax - even then, I don't think I'll actually tune in to it!

Talking about starts.. House is back!! If you subscribe to Astro, catch the second season tomorrow night, and see House try to cure LL Cool J. I've seen it of course, but that's no reason for me NOT to watch it again! I'm infatuated with the show!
By the way, I saw 5 Takes for the first time yesterday morning! haha! (Just feel like I need to log this in for future reference.) 6am.. gilok! I couldn't possibly get up at 6 just to watch it - but of course, I have been up at that time these past few days since I didn't even go to bed.
I'm promoting stuff for free again.

Had been staring at my latest clothes. I wish I had an occasion to go to so I can put them on! Ahh.. the downside of having stylish pieces. You can't wear them as much as you'd love to, unless you don't mind being overdressed to the supermarket.
See, that's why I loved being in Europe! I was never overdressed since everyone else was just as keen with fashion.

I wonder when Dida is going to be completely free. Since she got home, she spent most nights out with her friends and the longest time she stayed in was when she was asleep! I think I only get to have a decent conversation with her when we were in the car - that is, if her phone doesn't ring or beeped with a new message!
And now she's going to New Zealand for a vacation with her good ex-boss!
I hate it that I care. Curse sisterly affection!

Need to have my breakfast now. My father had bought me food earlier and I said that I'll eat it in a bit. Next thing I knew, I opened my eyes to MTV and Dida was chatting so loudly with Papa and I was still wearing my glasses.
For a full minute I wondered if I had fallen asleep and forgotten to turn off the TV - but no, I did turned it off. I just dozed off unintentionally -- like I always do these days!


Haha! Sorry, been preaching about it lately, haven't I?

Well, you should know that I honestly hate registering for those "connect with your friends" things. Okay, I hate to sign up on A LOT OF IT. That's why I only kept my Friendster.. (and recently LifeLogger!) Deleted MySpace.. Ignored Yahoo! 360 invites, and some other stuff people had sent me on my email. (Sorry if you were one of those people!)

LifeLogger's really neat. In fact, they're going to merge with some US companies soon which I think is awesome!
God, I am being such a groupie these days, it should be embarassing! (But it's actually not!) If you have a lot of songs to share,or videos, it's the perfect place for you! (Ask Cine. I've successfully converted him last night! haha!)

I think I'm going to send in my "resume".
I should be paid from promoting it all around!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm wondering..

Did Jane Austen ever got married?

I know this is such an odd question to think about at 6 in the morning but I just couldn't help it.
Thinking about the stories she wrote..
And the introduction on her books had never mentioned if she ever got married. It said some things about how many siblings she had.. and how supportive her father had been.. Nothing about making a family of her own.
She died when she was 50-something I think!

I suppose it'd be hurtful if she had never got married. I love her ideas on "love". She might have just wrote those things but I'd like to believe that she believes in what she wrote.

6:05 in the morning.. Right here I'm hoping that Jane Austen had found her Mr. Darcy.

Obviously, things I should not do on any cold Saturday morning;
1. Listen to sad songs
2. Watch Pride and Prejudice
3. Thinking of re-reading the book for the umpteenth time - right after I've seen the film - AGAIN!

Thank you for your submission.

Yes, you're welcomed.
Glad to have done it.

Update on this "topic"
Every bit of the confidence I have left has officially been shredded to a pulp.
I am no longer hoping.. So now I am left rather dazed and in need of a new project! I have Cik Mi's engangement photo-gig coming up but that's in September. Now what shall I do for the rest of August?
Any suggestions anyone?

(8:02am - I pulled an unnecessary all-nighter this time)

Friday, August 11, 2006


is by

Support Malaysians, yeah?
Especially now that the National Day is around the corner!
(Okay.. around that other corner actually..)

I'll sleep when I die..

--and people die when they don't sleep!
The irony.

I'm happy to say that you won't be reading me cursing like a sailor again anytime soon! Yeayy! I'm happy with that news. heh!
Though my back hurts like hell, now.

For the first time ever I didn't spend as much time using the internet even though I spent the entire day in front of the computer! I think I was there for more than 12 hours! 20 hours tops! My dad had to bring my dinner into the room just so I'd eat.
*sigh* I missed TV. heh!

Having a headache now. Feels like it's being sat on by an elephant.

Currently listening to: Catch You Catch Me by ..some Japanese chick for the Cardcaptor Sakura soundtrack. (download!)
gara gara blog Cine, I rummaged my very unorganized drawer for my CDs..

Thursday, August 10, 2006



Calmer now..
And remembered how to smile!

Though I can't promise that I won't write another entry of curses in the future.
The picture is of my crazy "workstation" at the time being.

God, I'm so thankful that my old computer behaved. Ohh thank you, thank youu!!
Hopefully it'll stay that way for as long as I needed it!

Alright, nothing else.



my nose is spewing snot now and I couldn't care less!!


Crying.. headaches.. jaws clenching.. Feels like school all over again!
Damn, I know I left it for a reason!!!!!

And you who's thinking if you should say something to calm me or to ask what this is about,

Ladies Night.

Just got back from karaoke with Dida and her friends.
Man, I have got to stop tagging her along (she always makes me sing the high-pitched parts of a song! Unfair! I always end up with a sore throat.)
Ohh if only it wasn't so much fun..

Dida said something really mean today;
"If you can come up with the plane tickets, you're welcomed to stay with me again.. I can pay your expences on your stay but you have to come up with the 2000 (for the plane ticket)"
If that isn't mean.. I don't know what that is!! She's soooo irritating! The nerve of tempting me like that! And she bragged about wanting to visit Greece! Urghh! And everytime she mentions it I'd tell her to shut it.
She thinks it's funny. (It sort of is.. but!!) She should've said nothing about that ticket part. grr.

My dad told me not to go out tomorrow. I can't remember when was the last time I got grounded! But of course, he had only said that because he was concerned about me, meeting the deadline of my project. I'm in a real rut now!
Still haven't done any editing since I decided to went off to the karaoke thing. haha! I just couldn't pass up the chance of spending time with my sister. I'm finding my priorities wavers a bit when my family gets into the picture. No harm done so far, so I'm not complaining!
But!! Papa and Dida are going to the airport and the embassy tomorrow! Two of the most exciting places in my book!

Alright, enough yacking about things I'd rather be doing! Need to finish my super-late dinner now and try to get some sleep if I want to get an early start tomorrow morning - assuming that I will wake up when it's still morning!

Currently listening to: No Promises by Shayne Ward
(ohh, I'm completely in love with the video! I just - LOVE!! Love the song, love the lyrics, love the guy, love the vid! See it on YouTube.)
ps: I saw his wax figure when I was in Madame Tussauds but I had no idea who he was then! But I always thought the video of him doing some vocal exercises next to the wax was funny.
pps: No download links for you! I'm being selfish again. heh!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Effing idiot!!

I'm having my period..
Completely tired from the burning heat..
Stressed.. SO friggin' stressed.
With absolutely NO idea how to transfer the footages I took from the effing handycam!
I'm a complete wreck!!!!!!



Ohh I had missed this. My favourite junk while I was in Rotterdam.
And Dida brought this for lil' ole me.
I'm definitely writing more than I should.

Went to Seremban earlier since Dida wanted to see Nina and the kiddies (but honestly, she spent the most of it napping!) so I didn't get to do any much work. Maybe tomorrow. Need to be tomorrow since there's only 4 days left!! Man! 4 days! I'm definitely freaking out.
It's been such a while since I got a "deadline" of some sort, so now I'm trying to do the best I can. Really.

Ana's changed her layout and I find it really cute!
So go to her blog now!

As expected, Dida had accused me of "doing nothing with your life!"
And I defiantly said, "I am doing something!"
- "No you're not."
"Well, you have no idea what I'm doing right now so shut it!"
(In case you're wondering, we were conversing in English which I now think is pretty funny but at that time it was a very heated discussion!)

aaahhh! kene tido awal! nak bangun awal!!!

Currently listening to: mama yacking to dida

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dida's back!!

My darling sister is back!

She bugged me when she called the home line twice, completely waking me up from my vague vague sleep.
But she's back and I'm delirious!

And now she's off to drive her 2-week-old car for the first time - to work!
Crazy woman.

She didn't even nagged about the mess I made! (Which I'm sure she will if I don't clear it up by the time she comes home later.) And she brought me some awesome awesome things!! Oh, I'm so in love with her! *grins*

Would you be my friend?


I was half-cursing when I got out of bed to turn on the computer. Stressed at the fact that I couldn't fall asleep as normal people would in this wee hour.
I checked my cool Yahoo! Mail Beta inbox, expecting those annoying letters spell "You have no unread messages".

Surprisingly.. Shockingly.. I have one!
And it was a notification that someone had left a comment on one of my blogs.
That someone happened to be Zoë Rice!! Oh wow!! Really, it was Zoë Rice!!
I just mentioned that I was keen on buying her book - now I'm definitely going to buy her book!!

Man, I'm easily influenced.
But this is so COOL!!!
Of course, I don't expect her to reply my email now and we'll hit it off so well and become online-buddies. But the idea of it is SO neat!

ooh~ what a morning.

Currently listening to: my dad snoring


Dida's going to be home in about 8 hours and the room is a complete mess!
I don't think she'll like seeing my things all over the bed.
And the fact that I still haven't unpacked my things since I got back in June! haha! I am in such big trouble!! She's soooooo going to nag about that!! haha!!

God, I am SO excited that she's coming home!
My favourite second sister!!
Though she annoyed me when she was really convinced that I only wanted her home so I can have my things. Really.. I wouldn't really mind if she purposely left them in Rotterdam just to tick me. I'll be quite happy that my loud, abrasive sister is back!

I shall have quite the amusement for the next two weeks! I'm saved!!
Really.. being the only daughter doesn't fit me well.

And Mama haven't gone to sleep yet, trying to finish the shirts Dida told her to sew. haha!! Quite a lesson for procrastinating.
So funny.
I'm amused even now.

Right.. Today's JC's birthday!!
- not that it's actually daylight in the US!

Currently listening to: Haiiro no Hitomi by Shiina Ringo & Kusano Masamune.
--the only Japanese song I have on my playlist! Such a great song, even when I can only translate one lousy line from it entirely. haha!

Monday, August 07, 2006


Didn't exactly do anything strenuous today but I'm really really tired!

Went out to take some footage. My dad was with me the whole time since my mom had assigned him to come with! She's getting even more paranoid by the minute.

Need to take some more videos. I am definitely not liking the "me" in the ones that I already have. I'm saying too much of "umm"s and I'm definitely hating that fact! I don't really need to say it but it's become a bit of a habit!! *curse!*

Might have to go out again tomorrow - except that Dida will be home!!
I find looking at myself in the video is like an "out of body" experience. Pretty odd!
bahh! 6 days and counting.. Disliking deadlines.
*sigh* My inbox is exceptionally quiet today. That's another thing I'm not liking.

I'm on LifeLogger's main page! How cool is that??

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dead bored.

Can't stop thinking about my project.
Especially now that I don't have anything else to think about. It's been a super slow, super quiet day and I am just BORED!!

Looked through my Y!M buddy list, trying to find at least one person to talk to but I don't really think anyone is capable of cheering me up at the mo. I am in need of some humour!!

I wasted a whole bowl of food during lunch. My heart couldn't help but cried at the sight of it. Not entirely my fault, really! It tasted funky and I really couldn't stand eating anymore of it!!
(for the record, it wasn't something that my mom made.. Wouldn't want you guys to think that my mom's cooking is as that bad!)

My dad booked the entire family next weekend. One of his cousins are getting married. His cousin, the groom.. is over 50 years old! I can't help getting amused everytime I think of this!

I should have the entire tomorrow all to myself. Probably a good time to start to work on that project then. My dad seems to be a bit too excited for me. He kept asking me about the idea I ran with him the other day and now I'm simply too concious to go through with it.

My excitement on the other hand has receded. It sounds entirely wrong but it is what it is. My fear of disappointment and heartbreak had completely glued my feet to the ground and way away from cloud nine.
- which probably is a good thing.

Currently listening to: Over My Head by The Fray


Why doesn't anybody else updates their blog as much as I do??
Am I really that hypergraphic?? I mean, I just like to say that I am but I wasn't actually convinced!!

Anyway, just a quick update - hopefully.
Spent the entire day in Seremban. The kiddies weren't feeling good and Nina was away for a course. My parents were worried as Abang Min had to take care of the kiddies by himself 'til Tuesday.
Plus, I needed to borrow Abang Min's video cam for a project.

Yesterday a friend said, "I know you want it bad.." and I automatically said yes. Now I'm thinking.. Do I? Do I really need it that bad that someone actually told me that I do?
Not that bad, surely!
I'd hate to count the chickies before they hatch!

I'm not making much sense again.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I am now calm and collected.

But rather annoyed that I couldn't sleep and my plectrum and capo had determined to be lost!
Why do things do that, eh?

Anyway, lack of sleep always make me horrible in writing. Good for finding an idea.. bad for putting it down. bahh!

Friday, August 04, 2006

OH - MY - GOD!!!

I am in delirium.
Disoriented is the word today.
Wish me luck, lovelies!
I've got 9 days.. and counting.

  insert evil laugh here  

Dida's coming home!!

Now let me tell you some bits about my middle sister, Dida.
She's 5 years older than me, a Sagittarian, quite shy but very adaptable and annoys the crap outta me - most of the time, at least.

Earlier today she emailed me and asked me to ask Papa to write a letter - which she always does! Only this time, the letter should be personal!
Knowing our dad, he must come up with a really really formal letter and uses very very sophisticated words. So I decided to write my own version of HER letter.

As if it were a contest, my father and I submitted our emails to Dida and let her choose which one is the best!
Naturally, ehem she liked mine, but thought mine sounded-- too much like me, childish! So she told me to let my dad tweak some parts of it.
That's my sister!!

The annoying, annoying sister that's mine!
Ohh fine, and Nina's too!

Yeayy! Can't wait 'til you get back, Did!
Nak jaket idamanku!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Code Girl

That'll be my name if I were a super hero, I reckon.

My super power is the strength to help people out with their HTML codes!
Geeky, I know.. but Code Girl also sounds like I could be a cryptologist for my day job!

To think that I laughed so hard when I did that career-test in high school, when I got "secret code breaker" as my ideal career!
What a weird weird career test that was.

By the way, I did my first sudoku yesterday! It was on Reader's Digest and I just couldn't help trying it out. It was rated a 2/6 difficulty and I spent 44 minutes on it!!
Embarassingly slow, but numbers had never been my thing. Words.. I'm good at.

I suppose my lack for mathematical skills were compensated by my linguistics.
Lucky me!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You in a box.

Dida called.

Talked about something that is usually a topic that I would talk about.
Kinda miss that.
And I miss Europeans in their awesome, colourful clothes.

Ohh and fine, I miss Dida too.

And also.. Happy belated birthday, Fariz!!
I remembered the whole time yesterday but I did't think it'd be appropriate to post something cheery after I wrote something else angry or somber. hoho!

Sometimes In April

A seriously moving story.

People are.. mean. Self-absorbed and self-important!!

I suppose, asking for "world peace" would be too much, huh? But genocide... genocide...
I've never felt such a heart break before.
God. I never knew.

How ignorant and oblivious I was. Self-absorbed and self-important!
I hope one day I'll make a change in the world.
I hope I won't become a mere bleep when I leave, and did nothing good at all.
I hope power won't ever change me.

There are 6,556,773,622 people in this world and I hope I could make a better change for at least one of them.

To Astro subscribers, if you had missed it, there will be reruns on the 6th, 11th, 15th and 23rd on HBO.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How RUDE!!!

I was still asleep since I went into bed well after 6 when I got a call.
A very very rude call.
From that mysterious number last night.

Fine, I'm glad you're back.
But you really didn't have to hang up like that.
Especially when you jumped on me with that question and told me I'm a cheap-skate!!

Nobody does that you arse!

I'm gifted.

I write excellent hate mails.
Well.. the first one wasn't too "hateful". Sounds pretty encouraging, actually.

I'd like to inform you that I'm still getting those bogus offers by sms; the ones that say I was chosen to win free call credits if I replied the sms. Good thing I'm very familiar with an airtime share number when I see one, but unfortunately my mother was duped once.
The message had been sent from this number; 0139502894
The message went like this:
"TAHNIAH!Anda telah terpilih utk menerima Kredit p'gilan percuma sbnyk RM50 drpd CELCOM.Utk m'aktifkan RM50 ke akaun anda,sila taip 07 & hantar ke 10139502894.TQ"

I hope you'll do something about this.
For the record, I replied the sms and called whomever that had sent it an asshole! haha!

And then they replied me with a very lame email and made me feel slightly dumb. Then tonight I got another one of those "offers" again.. Thus the second email begins.

i've been getting this "you won free call credits" by sms.
this time the number is 0136540263.
you have GOT to do SOMETHING about this! i don't know how much power you have over phone lines but you really have to DO something instead of just sending warning smses.

and please don't reply to this email like you did the last time; explaining that Celcom's official smses were only sent by short numbers - or what ever you'd call it.
I KNOWW! or i wouldn't have sent this email in the first place.
just do something already!

sorry if i sounded angry. i'm not.
just really really annoyed.

I lied. I was angry. Just wanted to sound composed.
I'm a real bitch when it concerns STUPID CUSTOMER SERVICES!

Hey baby.

Now tell me, something is very wrong with me - when I typed out "Hey baby", I actually wondered to myself if I actually meant it for anyone - which I'M NOT!
I'm going crazy I tell you.
Probably meant I should shower and shampoo my hair more often 'cause the oil build-up has started to seep back in and making my brain works funny.

Ooh, I thought Lost's final episode of the season was bloody brilliant!! I've never been so curious as I am right now.
What a weird.. weird show.

My glasses have been acting weird for these couple of days. There's like this constant stain that wouldn't come off! Problem is, when I take it off and really look at it, I don't find the stain! And it's not just my eyes, I'm sure of it!
I fear that I might have to replace it and forget the silly stories I experienced that concerned with this pair of glasses.

An unfamiliar number miscalled me. 0172349396. hah! No mercy here, I hate miscalls, especially from a number I've never seen before.
I really don't appreciate foreign numbers, not unless the caller tells me about something official and a very good news!

I seem to be losing a lot of words tonight.
A bad night to write anything perhaps.
Hate this entry. Might just delete it later. Bad night for writing.

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