Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Azraai busuuuk!

haha. Thanks pet!!

Had a really fun outing. (Tiring!) But I thought it was neat! Thanks Azraai for being such a buddy!! Me - looove!

Had a breakfast date with the dude and it went out of "control" after we decided to catch a movie. So we went to Midvalley and saw Click which turned out to be a really good film! We loved it. Surprisingly awesome! (See it.. watch it! Make Adam Sandler richer! haha!)

Then we had lunch.. yada yada yadaaa.. I'm sure you're not interested in the details but let's summarize it to "a really nice outing!"
I bet passer-bys were annoyed by us when we kept talking about Europe for most of the time. haha!

We went to KLCC since he hasn't been to the place since he got back. Walked around which only got our feets tired. 7-something we left for KL Central and decided to hang out in Starbucks - which I think was the coolest thing we did in the entire day 'coz we played CHESS!! Hilarious! We were like so paranoid with every move!

Then we went home.. Took the commuter and later the taxi. It got Azraai back home first so for the rest of my journey, I made friends with the driver - and he was cool! haha!! I had real fun today! Don't know if Azraai thinks so too..

Thank you Azraai for bringing me out today!!
Appreciate everything. huhuu.. I am SO going to treat you when I get rich and famous! hahhaha!!

There's nothing better in the world than going around with someone great to talk with - and you are just that, pet!!

ps: Dah lupe ape tadi ye yee nak cerita. Ape ek tadi? Man. Short term memory lost again!
pps: Zodiac sign compatibility is SO NOT mumbo-jumbo, okkaaay!


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