Thursday, August 03, 2006

Code Girl

That'll be my name if I were a super hero, I reckon.

My super power is the strength to help people out with their HTML codes!
Geeky, I know.. but Code Girl also sounds like I could be a cryptologist for my day job!

To think that I laughed so hard when I did that career-test in high school, when I got "secret code breaker" as my ideal career!
What a weird weird career test that was.

By the way, I did my first sudoku yesterday! It was on Reader's Digest and I just couldn't help trying it out. It was rated a 2/6 difficulty and I spent 44 minutes on it!!
Embarassingly slow, but numbers had never been my thing. Words.. I'm good at.

I suppose my lack for mathematical skills were compensated by my linguistics.
Lucky me!!


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