Friday, August 04, 2006

  insert evil laugh here  

Dida's coming home!!

Now let me tell you some bits about my middle sister, Dida.
She's 5 years older than me, a Sagittarian, quite shy but very adaptable and annoys the crap outta me - most of the time, at least.

Earlier today she emailed me and asked me to ask Papa to write a letter - which she always does! Only this time, the letter should be personal!
Knowing our dad, he must come up with a really really formal letter and uses very very sophisticated words. So I decided to write my own version of HER letter.

As if it were a contest, my father and I submitted our emails to Dida and let her choose which one is the best!
Naturally, ehem she liked mine, but thought mine sounded-- too much like me, childish! So she told me to let my dad tweak some parts of it.
That's my sister!!

The annoying, annoying sister that's mine!
Ohh fine, and Nina's too!

Yeayy! Can't wait 'til you get back, Did!
Nak jaket idamanku!


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