Friday, August 18, 2006


I survived the gathering!!

Well, I dearly love to laugh and I managed that a few times so I must say.. the meeting wasn't all that bad! Me and Rai swore not to ditch each other and we.. almost didn't. hahha! Well, it was alright.

I especially love catching up to Nani. A SHOUT OUT TO NANII!! I'm now convinced that I remember the recipe to her mom's famous fried macaroni. heh!
Talking to Leen (Arep's girl) about our old days in choir was hilarious too!!

So really.. I loooove to laugh and since I had expected the whole thing to be dreadful, the gathering was pretty alright!

Thank you Azraai for bringing me out.. again!
I'm completely amazed that everyone completely remembers everyone else! (A huge exception to me o'course since I'm a big fat cow at remembering people!)

ps: there's a bit of a video I uploaded on LifeLogger!


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