Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hey baby.

Now tell me, something is very wrong with me - when I typed out "Hey baby", I actually wondered to myself if I actually meant it for anyone - which I'M NOT!
I'm going crazy I tell you.
Probably meant I should shower and shampoo my hair more often 'cause the oil build-up has started to seep back in and making my brain works funny.

Ooh, I thought Lost's final episode of the season was bloody brilliant!! I've never been so curious as I am right now.
What a weird.. weird show.

My glasses have been acting weird for these couple of days. There's like this constant stain that wouldn't come off! Problem is, when I take it off and really look at it, I don't find the stain! And it's not just my eyes, I'm sure of it!
I fear that I might have to replace it and forget the silly stories I experienced that concerned with this pair of glasses.

An unfamiliar number miscalled me. 0172349396. hah! No mercy here, I hate miscalls, especially from a number I've never seen before.
I really don't appreciate foreign numbers, not unless the caller tells me about something official and a very good news!

I seem to be losing a lot of words tonight.
A bad night to write anything perhaps.
Hate this entry. Might just delete it later. Bad night for writing.


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