Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I shall enjoy the day--

1. instead of sulk over a certain disappointment.
2. even when I honestly feel like digging a hole and hide in it for a century.
3. instead of staying utterly annoyed by my friggin' Y!M
4. since I'm meeting up Alia later and we're heading to the beach for National Day! (It makes no sense, but it sounds fun, doesn't it?)
5. even when I had that stupid dream about that stupid someone with his stupid presence again last night! (I'm beginning to think that he's a nightmare.)

Going to get my shower now.
Btw, here's a fine example of good connections;

(Pae gave this song to Alia, Alia gave it to me, and here I'm giving it to you to listen to it too..)


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