Monday, August 28, 2006

I think I'll miss you forever

I just got.. probably the funniest phone call ever, in weeks! hahha! Sorry to have gotten you in trouble dude. Itulaa.. you haven't introduced us, or she would've known that you don't attract me the slightest bit! Kan daah.. Sorry though! hahha! Bengong.

I'm laughing now but I have a funny feeling in the heart actually. Earlier, before the phone call, I was writing about something and I had needed some info on some things so I flipped open one of my old diaries. It took a while before I found what I was looking for but in the mean time, I found old things that had been burried for so long that I had almost forgotten that it ever existed.
Well, now it's out there again. Feelings oh feelings..

I'm not exactly upset. But I'm definitely NOT indifferent. To cry seem a bit too dramatic but I really don't know how to let this restlessness out.
Hah. Idiot! Why ever did you have to go away?
Though I'm not exactly sure that I'm feeling this way because of the used-to-be strong attachment I had or I'm just being a sore loser. Probably both. heh!
O well, I'll forget again come tomorrow, yah?

Currently listening to: I'll Be Okay by McFLY
(brilliant, my Winamp seems to know exactly what to play!)


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