Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm definitely writing more than I should.

Went to Seremban earlier since Dida wanted to see Nina and the kiddies (but honestly, she spent the most of it napping!) so I didn't get to do any much work. Maybe tomorrow. Need to be tomorrow since there's only 4 days left!! Man! 4 days! I'm definitely freaking out.
It's been such a while since I got a "deadline" of some sort, so now I'm trying to do the best I can. Really.

Ana's changed her layout and I find it really cute!
So go to her blog now!

As expected, Dida had accused me of "doing nothing with your life!"
And I defiantly said, "I am doing something!"
- "No you're not."
"Well, you have no idea what I'm doing right now so shut it!"
(In case you're wondering, we were conversing in English which I now think is pretty funny but at that time it was a very heated discussion!)

aaahhh! kene tido awal! nak bangun awal!!!

Currently listening to: mama yacking to dida


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