Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm gifted.

I write excellent hate mails.
Well.. the first one wasn't too "hateful". Sounds pretty encouraging, actually.

I'd like to inform you that I'm still getting those bogus offers by sms; the ones that say I was chosen to win free call credits if I replied the sms. Good thing I'm very familiar with an airtime share number when I see one, but unfortunately my mother was duped once.
The message had been sent from this number; 0139502894
The message went like this:
"TAHNIAH!Anda telah terpilih utk menerima Kredit p'gilan percuma sbnyk RM50 drpd CELCOM.Utk m'aktifkan RM50 ke akaun anda,sila taip 07 & hantar ke 10139502894.TQ"

I hope you'll do something about this.
For the record, I replied the sms and called whomever that had sent it an asshole! haha!

And then they replied me with a very lame email and made me feel slightly dumb. Then tonight I got another one of those "offers" again.. Thus the second email begins.

i've been getting this "you won free call credits" by sms.
this time the number is 0136540263.
you have GOT to do SOMETHING about this! i don't know how much power you have over phone lines but you really have to DO something instead of just sending warning smses.

and please don't reply to this email like you did the last time; explaining that Celcom's official smses were only sent by short numbers - or what ever you'd call it.
I KNOWW! or i wouldn't have sent this email in the first place.
just do something already!

sorry if i sounded angry. i'm not.
just really really annoyed.

I lied. I was angry. Just wanted to sound composed.
I'm a real bitch when it concerns STUPID CUSTOMER SERVICES!


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