Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm wondering..

Did Jane Austen ever got married?

I know this is such an odd question to think about at 6 in the morning but I just couldn't help it.
Thinking about the stories she wrote..
And the introduction on her books had never mentioned if she ever got married. It said some things about how many siblings she had.. and how supportive her father had been.. Nothing about making a family of her own.
She died when she was 50-something I think!

I suppose it'd be hurtful if she had never got married. I love her ideas on "love". She might have just wrote those things but I'd like to believe that she believes in what she wrote.

6:05 in the morning.. Right here I'm hoping that Jane Austen had found her Mr. Darcy.

Obviously, things I should not do on any cold Saturday morning;
1. Listen to sad songs
2. Watch Pride and Prejudice
3. Thinking of re-reading the book for the umpteenth time - right after I've seen the film - AGAIN!


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