Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ladies Night.

Just got back from karaoke with Dida and her friends.
Man, I have got to stop tagging her along (she always makes me sing the high-pitched parts of a song! Unfair! I always end up with a sore throat.)
Ohh if only it wasn't so much fun..

Dida said something really mean today;
"If you can come up with the plane tickets, you're welcomed to stay with me again.. I can pay your expences on your stay but you have to come up with the 2000 (for the plane ticket)"
If that isn't mean.. I don't know what that is!! She's soooo irritating! The nerve of tempting me like that! And she bragged about wanting to visit Greece! Urghh! And everytime she mentions it I'd tell her to shut it.
She thinks it's funny. (It sort of is.. but!!) She should've said nothing about that ticket part. grr.

My dad told me not to go out tomorrow. I can't remember when was the last time I got grounded! But of course, he had only said that because he was concerned about me, meeting the deadline of my project. I'm in a real rut now!
Still haven't done any editing since I decided to went off to the karaoke thing. haha! I just couldn't pass up the chance of spending time with my sister. I'm finding my priorities wavers a bit when my family gets into the picture. No harm done so far, so I'm not complaining!
But!! Papa and Dida are going to the airport and the embassy tomorrow! Two of the most exciting places in my book!

Alright, enough yacking about things I'd rather be doing! Need to finish my super-late dinner now and try to get some sleep if I want to get an early start tomorrow morning - assuming that I will wake up when it's still morning!

Currently listening to: No Promises by Shayne Ward
(ohh, I'm completely in love with the video! I just - LOVE!! Love the song, love the lyrics, love the guy, love the vid! See it on YouTube.)
ps: I saw his wax figure when I was in Madame Tussauds but I had no idea who he was then! But I always thought the video of him doing some vocal exercises next to the wax was funny.
pps: No download links for you! I'm being selfish again. heh!


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