Sunday, August 13, 2006


Haha! Sorry, been preaching about it lately, haven't I?

Well, you should know that I honestly hate registering for those "connect with your friends" things. Okay, I hate to sign up on A LOT OF IT. That's why I only kept my Friendster.. (and recently LifeLogger!) Deleted MySpace.. Ignored Yahoo! 360 invites, and some other stuff people had sent me on my email. (Sorry if you were one of those people!)

LifeLogger's really neat. In fact, they're going to merge with some US companies soon which I think is awesome!
God, I am being such a groupie these days, it should be embarassing! (But it's actually not!) If you have a lot of songs to share,or videos, it's the perfect place for you! (Ask Cine. I've successfully converted him last night! haha!)

I think I'm going to send in my "resume".
I should be paid from promoting it all around!


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