Saturday, August 26, 2006


That was some night I had! Ohh, I am SO in love with those peeps! A shout out to Cik Alia and Pet!! You guys are SUCH darlings.

Alia picked Azraai and I up at half past ten and we picked Ahmadsyah and went to Midvalley to watch Snakes On A Plane -- which I thought was HILARIOUS!!
Mind, it wasn't actually comedy but if you have the sense of humour as I and Azraai do, you are going to have quite an entertainment out of that film. Of course, when I say "entertainment" it meant "laughing at how bad the film was". Seriously, the film was BAADDD.

B-rated, surely! We went out of the cinema wondering how Samuel L. Jackson got sucked into the film. Seriously, it was terrible!!
It makes you just wonder.. how did the snakes got so.. vicious! Really curious.
By the way, Alia had been calling Rai and myself chipmunks for laughing so much the entire night.

We went to A&W after the movie.
Then we headed to Putrajaya -- hilarious again! Took silly pictures that I wish I could put up here but it's on Rai's camera and I will just have to wait when for him to give them up. (Still waiting on the ones on Sapik's cam!)

It was about 7 when we head back to Shah Alam and had breakfast. Originally planned to hit some pins afterwards but the bowling alley wasn't open 'til 10pm. We thought it'd be such a long time to just wait it out so we headed to uITM and did a bit of scavenger hunt for Arep!
That was funny since we found him blissfully curled up under his work table! We woke him up -- of course! hahha!! Like little devils we were!

We were just hanging out and messing around his place until Cik Alia got a call from her pops, asking for the car. So at half past ten, she sent us all back home.
Thank you SO MUCH Cik Alia!! I had looaadss of fun last night! (O'course, I also love her for her insight on things.)
God, you guys are bloody brilliant!! Even at those times when Rai ticked me off! hahha!!

(Podcast #20)

Anyway, I should get my shower and and get some sleep.. But my mom; my very sly mother has persuaded me to come with her to the store (by foot!) if I want her to buy me a recharge card for my prepaid. hahha! See.. she's absolutely ditsy, but she knows me too well. (Well, only in the "money" department actually. I think that's what moms knows best!) So I'll be getting my shower and go to the store now.

The odd thing is, I don't even feel slightly sleepy! hahha!!

Party Girl
(my nickname for the day!)


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