Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thank you-s.

Incik Cine for chatting with me earlier and saved me from being ultimately bored by the telly.

Rai and Musz for replying my psychotic-induced messages.

Cik Alia for coming over and asked me out to meet her lovely friend Nur.

Pae for being a Pisces. haha!!

-- and Arep for giving me some lines to fill this entry with;
Arep ni baik.. budiman dan sebagainye.
Right. (sarcastically.. haha!)

Earlier Alia asked if my mom had called and I said "no.. surprisingly!" Turns out she actually left me a message at 2:30 and once I got home, she started lecturing me about my future.
Okay, I know she meant well.. but my head is SO thick, I just can't listen to her! It's something she said about not aiming too high..

Sorry Ma.. I'm not exactly purposely challenging you but I just couldn't listen to your psychological efforts to change me.


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