Monday, August 07, 2006


Didn't exactly do anything strenuous today but I'm really really tired!

Went out to take some footage. My dad was with me the whole time since my mom had assigned him to come with! She's getting even more paranoid by the minute.

Need to take some more videos. I am definitely not liking the "me" in the ones that I already have. I'm saying too much of "umm"s and I'm definitely hating that fact! I don't really need to say it but it's become a bit of a habit!! *curse!*

Might have to go out again tomorrow - except that Dida will be home!!
I find looking at myself in the video is like an "out of body" experience. Pretty odd!
bahh! 6 days and counting.. Disliking deadlines.
*sigh* My inbox is exceptionally quiet today. That's another thing I'm not liking.

I'm on LifeLogger's main page! How cool is that??


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