Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Truth and lies.

I am a super-slow eater that sometimes I said I was full when I'm really not just so everyone else doesn't have to wait 'til I'm finished.
Just can't help it. I hate people waiting on me. And I just can't eat any faster.. so that's one lie I'm good at!

Alia and I are chasing the same guy.
A big whopping LIE!
hahha! We had a funny conversation on the way back from dinner and I just cannot NOT note about it in here.

I broke a nail and I care a whole lot about that nail!
Vain, I know. But I cared 'cause it looked horrifying! What's more, I broke it while I was bowling! roawr. And I was SO lousy today. bah!

Just put up another vlog on LifeLogger and now I shall upload today's pictures on Fotopages.
Cik Alia, nak gambaaa! Incik Syafiq, mau gambaa!!

Now mari layan lagu lama!
Currently listening to: Memory by Sugarcult


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