Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Would you be my friend?


I was half-cursing when I got out of bed to turn on the computer. Stressed at the fact that I couldn't fall asleep as normal people would in this wee hour.
I checked my cool Yahoo! Mail Beta inbox, expecting those annoying letters spell "You have no unread messages".

Surprisingly.. Shockingly.. I have one!
And it was a notification that someone had left a comment on one of my blogs.
That someone happened to be Zoë Rice!! Oh wow!! Really, it was Zoë Rice!!
I just mentioned that I was keen on buying her book - now I'm definitely going to buy her book!!

Man, I'm easily influenced.
But this is so COOL!!!
Of course, I don't expect her to reply my email now and we'll hit it off so well and become online-buddies. But the idea of it is SO neat!

ooh~ what a morning.

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