Sunday, September 03, 2006

2:33 am.

That's the time when I start writing this blog. We'll see how long it takes for me to say what I wanted to say.

Currently, very tired. Even sleepy!
Spent the day with Alia and Fakhri in KLIA which was fun! (note: we didn't even play with the trolleys!) Did nothing much, really but we had a fair share of laughs. From taking pictures, mostly!

Speaking of that.. I just spent the last few hours editing, and arranging my podcast and vlog (which you can find on my LifeLogger) and also uploaded the pictures of my recent activities on Fotopages.
Gara gara si Pae lah orang upload dengan kadar segera!

Feeling a bit sugul (down) now that the new week is coming up! Dida and Fakhri will be leaving on the 9th and Cik Mi's engangement is also on that same date! Hope I can make to everything I wish to go to! I'm thinking of dashing to the airport after I took some rolls of photos from Cik Mi's engangement!
Bah! And once Dida leave, she'd take along this laptop and her Konica-Minolta which had been GREATLY entertaining and amusing to me and my new-found friends. hihi.
And it's September and without me actually realizing it, it'll come to October and Azraai will head back to Germany. (And Hanis to Japan!!)

See.. I have no idea why I had to befriend smart people! sheesh!

Okay. I'm going back to uploading pictures onto Fotopages before I start yacking about how I really feel.


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