Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Alia's at my place!

I never had any one of my friends sleep over at my house so mind, I'm feeling giddy somehow. heh!

Okay, I'm sleepy but I feel obligated to write something first before I fall asleep!

1. Alia and I went to KLCC earlier and she read her comics while I read the first two chapters of the new Artemis Fowl series! (eeek!!)
2. Invited Azraai to come with us to Cyberjaya to surprise Shahrir but his mom didn't let him! ahahhahaha!! Yet somehow we bumped into each other in McD -- Alia had wanted to use the toilet and Rai was in his car in the drive-through lane.
3. Picked up Arep from his house and went off to see Shahrir!
4. Had supper in a funky-smelling place in Sri Kembangan with Shahrir. I hyperventilated at this one funny the boys made. I can still smile about it now.
5. Called Dar out and saw him after soooo long!! Sempat gosip sebentar! Ohh, Incik Dar, you looked good!
6. Head back around 3am and Alia got a message from her mom that her dad wants her back! Errk, sorry Cik Alia!
7. Alia's staying for the night so her parents would cool off before she head home. haha!
8. Miss you Incik Pae!! Me and Alia were talking about you almost all day long!
9. Credit tinggal 4 Ringgit.

Okay. Wish I could upload some pics or videos on LL that I took earlier but I'm too sleepy. Too bad that the battery went dead before we head to Cyberjaya! Could've taken some awesome pics!! grrr.


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