Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Yes, I said "good".

So I'm back. The trip was cut short since Dida had to be back in town as soon as possible. Her whacked bosses suddenly told her that she's going to be sent back to Rotterdam this Sunday!
Crap! I was getting used to having her - and the camera - around! (heh!)
Plus the fact that I envy anyone who's going to Europe as I am missing everything about it!
I'm certain that I'll be moody the entire weekend since Dida's leaving on Sunday and Rai and Hanis will be flying off on that Monday! sigh.

I really need to find more friends who are closer to home! heehee.
(naah.. then I won't be miserable and I won't be me if I am not miserable - sometimes.)

I am looking forward to meeting up my old buddies soon, though! Hope all the break-fast plans (if there is one!) are going to turn alright! I'm hopeful. Either Thursday or Friday with the hobbits (wow, haven't used that word for a while!) and Saturday with the beasties. Hopeful. Hopeful.
Rai, one last bowling? Or maybe sit around at the park? HA-HA-HA!!

I've forced myself to write recently. Don't ask me how that's turning out!
Just a thought for the ending.. I am rather cynical, aren't I? I've always imagined myself more like a tree-hugger than anything but boy, do I have high imaginations? sigh.

Currently listening to: Sampai Menutup Mata by Acha Septriasa.
(I think I'll put this song on loop until someone introduces me to a different song!)


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