Friday, September 08, 2006


At this very moment, I wish I'm horrible enough to throw a book at my mom. Paperback would suffice. I'm just in SO MUCH anger that I really wish I'm that horrible.
I know I sound mean and you need not to remind me. I know I'm mean.
But if you knew anything about me and my mom. God!! We're the perfect definition of "chalk and cheese".

We hardly ever talk. The longest time we ever exchanged words were when she nagged on me continuously. She knew nothing really significant about me while nothing about her surprises me. Seriously. She knows NOTHING!!
And you should know that that is why I am upset with her. I probably would've listen to her more if she would ever listen to me but she NEVER did.

Having her scold at me on the phone didn't only angers me but I feel like coming up to her face and say a big HA-HA! sarcastically. Sometimes I feel as if I was dared to do awful things just so she can be right for not trusting me.
And the nerve of her for making it seemed wrong to "turn on the computer right after I got home". That's just plain idiotic! I see no point by that statement and it really was plain idiotic!

She nagged about "takde keje.. malam-malam.." I swear, if I get the job I'd wanted.. I'd make it a MUST to not return home at all!!!
urgghh!! I'd return in the day and see my dad, go to Seremban to see Nina and her family, and call up Dida to meet me up at some cafe somewhere where we can hang out!
That's the "evil" plan.
(I reckon that God won't actually let me do that to my mom.. but pahh! This is my wishful thinking.)

You may think what ever you want; what sort of daughter I make. I am not going to justify myself anymore than what I've written tonight. And I am perfectly fine if your moms decide that you shouldn't be anywhere near me. Seriously.
I'm praying that I'll forget all this anger when morning comes. Being angry is tiring.

And I have enough sadness to tire me to begin with.


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