Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lazy eyes.

Thinking of last night, I believe that I have the coolest friends in town! hahha!! Guess I hit the jackpot in friends. The bunch that I hung on to seemed like the ones I'll ever need. So thanks you guys!
We've hit the ups and downs but I can't imagine life without them and you-s.
Life is great!

Okay, moving on before I tear up about something that wouldn't make sense..
I heard the new single by McFly.. I thought it sounded.. alright? I'm not really sure. I think it sound fine when I heard it but a few hours after it, I forgot! So "forgettable" is the word. (I feel awful for saying that!)
Maybe I'm just bitter 'cause they've changed their logo and it looked absolutely horrendous! I say they've gone nuts.

Haven't got much else to say.
I'm thinking of going on a hiatus actually. Need to work on my "writer's block". Havta.. havta.. havta RESIST DISTRACTION!!
And this blog is obviously a distraction!

I think my soul is tuned to this song;


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