Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rajen berbahasa Melayu

See what I did?
Instead of saying "malas nak cakap English", I said "rajen berbahasa Melayu". Honestly, writing, speaking and THINKING in English comes natural to me and writing in Malay will be a challenge! Not saying that I have perfect English or there is anything wrong with Malay languange but you'll see how weird I'd sound..

OK! Melayu!
Rasenye kalau tulis dalam Melayu macam lagi sukar sebab rase berbelah; nak cakap baku atau pasar. OK, pasar la kot tapi still masih.. susahh!!
Haritu entah kenape Muz mentioned cakap something sesuatu pasal me Wanie asyik cakap Inggeris and dan dia suruh try cuba tak cakap Inggeris in dalam satu hari but tapi belom sampai seminit Wanie dah masukkan brape word perkataan English Inggeris daa..
Macam sekarang ni laa.. sangat FAIL!! GAGAL!!
Macam bodo juge sebab tak dapat nak tulis flawless perfect urghh!! Tak dapat nak tulis satu perenggan without tanpa satu salah pon.
So Baik berhenti sekarang dan tulis seperti kebiasaannye..

Even my dad thinks it's horrible of me to use an italic font when I throw in some Malay words as I write. hoho!
Haven't got much to write actually. So here's a vlog me and Alia did at the end of yesterday. There's a quick message to Azraai and Syafiq! Would you believe it, this vlog-ending is longer than the rest of the day's vlog!! (You can see that one on LL!)


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