Friday, September 01, 2006

This is how a heart breaks.

*sigh* Don't ask.
I just got off the wrong foot again so now I'm counting on my cow-half to help me forget the things I need to forget so I won't resolve to slitting my wrist anytime soon.
Yes, rather dramatic but I blame my writer-half on that part!
There are just some things that attracts me to hearbreaks, I think! The fact that it will end in ONE way than any other way that I'm not quite prepared of. Am I not making sense? Well, it isn't remotely important so we'll all just forget it one day.

Very very tired at the mo. My sister told me that I slept unattractively while we were in the car. I am horrified! Vain, yes. (It's my new favourite word.)
Between the upsetness and the odd National Day "chill out" in PD, I can't really say what is necessary to say in this blog.

Cik Hanis, looking forward to seeing you. (and the rest of the beasties too.)
Incik Azraai.. LEKAS PULAAANG! I think I was getting used to having you around so much that things are rather sad and unamusing since you're away. Matilah I nanti you balek Germany balek.. hadoh! haha!

I'm honestly rather upset about a lot of things these days. I'm probably PMSing though. But still.. the reason for me getting upset is acceptable so I'm not just making mountains out of nothing.


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