Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A jumble of thoughts.

It's a jumble. You're not obligated to understand.

Internet's crap.
Spoke to Dida for 4 hours last week and I ended up with very red ears.
Been writing. New ideas, unfortunately! Need to stick to a one!
Remembered Dida's advice about getting my prayers right! (Keeping that in mind!) And I thought I was thankful.. guess I haven't thank Him for that yet.
Bored and uninspired.
In the mood for Luca's.. cakes and cookies. Ohh! Meatballs too.. darn Nina for reminding me about meatballs the other day!!!
Need to clear my closet. Serious work need to be done there!
A bit upset after finding out some stuff on Gilmore Girls.. the price of not following it religiously! I shall start from now on..
Bahijah said April reminds her of me. Great, I have Luke for a dad! Except that he's a Scorpio and though I haven't had a real beef with a Scorpio except my mom, I intend to keep a safe distance between me and any Scorpio. An arm's length, at least! Although I must add that I have had a good friend who was a Scorpio but I'm no longer in touch with her and I just don't feel at a lost without her, but that's just me.
That sounds kind of biased but I'd like to think that I keep an open mind to anyone. No racism or zodiacism. But honestly honestly, it's kind of great for everyone else that I'm keen on zodiacs! Everytime somebody messes with me or did any wrong things to my friends.. I wouldn't blame it entirely on them - I'd blame the fact that they were born under some crappy signs! hahha! And I'm not saying this just for the sake of saying it. Some signs are crappy!
Going to meet up some fellas later so I probably should get some sleep.
No longer upset about anything. More like I've forgotten everything. Oh, the story of my life. Maybe forgetting is a good thing after all since remembering haven't done any good to me yet!
Yadda yaddaa.. I'm so dull - I'm making myself bored! Terrific! Just what I need.. A super-boring mind that refuses to shut up.
I think I'm quite civil. I suppose I generally hate social niceties but I am still capable of being civil, right?

'Til later!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

And you said it.

Does it make sense if I say that I am relieved to have known something for certain and yet feel a little miserable for it?
sigh. If only being miserable makes me feel anything but miserable.

Had a great day earlier.
Went to Seremban to celebrate Izzati's birthday. Taught her to snap pictures with the Palm Zire. Then Nina laughed since I bullied the kid by holding up the pda way over my head 'cause I'm just mean sometimes. And Farhana was really sweet the entire day.
Okay, I'm definitely liking the age that they're in.

Left early to try avoid the traffic. (Failed!) But we got back in Shah Alam around five and I had enough time to go to Farah's house which I was invited to!
Yacked a bit with Alia before I got home.. went to the McD drive-through TWICE! hahha!

Ooh.. saw Muz' dad on telly. Take note, her dad is NOT Datuk Zakaria and the words on the screen was the subject he was talking to the press about.

And now it's quiet and dark and I'm pretty much all to myself with too many thoughts that won't go away.

Friday, October 27, 2006


KT Tunstall - Throw Me A Rope

Sometimes I feel guilty for having a sad soul.

I will plop down in a bit.

Tiring.. the day has been completely tiring!
Went to Perak and visited some relatives on my mom's side.
That's all I can say for now, feels like my back is about to break into halves.

A nasty accident on the road. The driver's fine, I think! Didn't see anything else horrifying in the fire - thank God!!

Abang Min and Nina

Shot yang cantek! hehhe!

That's Dida.. on the phone!

Budak kecik gedik tak pakai baju. hihi

LOVE this shot of Izzati! O yeah..
Happy birthday dear!!
3-years old!!

Plopping down - now.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First day of Eid.

T'was not so bad, I must admit.
I had a few laughs and that pretty much got me through the day. A shout out to my couzies Sarah and Hannah for being so.. easy-going, as I can be quite the anti-social! hahha! (Seriously.)

I had been the embarassed-recipient of angpows for eight times. I'd rather not get them actually.. Ohh, I feel so unworthy!! But I appreciate it nonetheless..
Maybe next week I could go to the cinema to catch a movie and pig out some place! hahahha! Well.. I haven't really thought what I'm going to do with the money. They're not a lot, (not 1994, I'm afraid..) but it's enough for me to have one super-fun day out!

Dida had passed Mama an angpow for me as well, but I decide to not look at the amount. I'm keeping it in a safe place for the time being.. until I really need the money for anything.
I just feel mightily timid..
If I were Dida, I'd put a hate-letter in the angpow instead of money -- which I don't think Dida would do since she hates writing and she's much more merciful than I am.

First day of Eid..
I really need to take charge of my life instead of swimming by the pool. I'd rather not get sucked into the drain.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Eid Mubarak!

And so ends another Ramadhan.. I feel like time is definitely whooshing me by.
It's not exactly a great feeling, but I'm happy that it's Syawal. Well, I don't really feel like there's much to celebrate.. but heyy! Let's pretend like I do anyways!

You know what?
I think.. what I'm feeling now is something like one of those people who gets cranky on Christmas. One who'd wake up in the morning and say, "ohh, what's the point!" Even with the promise of presents under the tree (angpow aka money for us in Malaysia!) you simply cannot see the point!
It's just another date on the calendar.

I'm not trying to make anyone feel as bad as I do, seriously. I'm actually glad if everyone else embraces the day. Celebrates Eid Mubarak.
What I've been trying to say is just.. I'm incomplete. And it has been for a couple of years. So heyy, until I found my missing pieces, you can only expect morbid blog updates like this one on the Eid.
heehee! I feel bad.

Just a note before I end this entry and try to refrain myself from blogging morbidly..
To my favourite friends who are deserving.. I'd like to apologize for all the wrong doings I did through out the year.. please know that if you had to accept this cheap method of an apology, I must've not known what wrong that I had done! (hahha! I know, this doesn't sound too much like an apology either!)
Some of you might expect a Raya card in your mailbox sometime next week, okie!

Best wishes,

Monday, October 23, 2006

Bloody brilliant!!

It was bittersweet..
Poignant even.
I honestly.. almost cried. Of course, I had my comforter covering half of my face for the entire race.. the nervousness!! eeek! It gave me a slight headache.

I was afraid of Schumy's car being unreliable and it scared the hell outta me as the race started and those two BMW cars simply gave him no room!
Then, just as he had almost passed Fischella.. his tyre punctured!!! God! My head just felt like it's spinning. I couldn't help screaming "nooooo" in the middle of the night! hahha! Gosh, the frustration.. and disappointment. Schumy ended up on 17th place once he got out of the pits. sigh.
But Schumy being Schumy.. he didn't give up and pushed on. Cheers! Schumy didn't get podium but heyy! 4th place after all the drama..
Bloody brilliant!!

Completely admirable. It's so sad that he's leaving. That he's left.
The fact that Massa had been the first Brazilian to have won in the circuit after over thirty years and that Alonso won the driver's championship almost didn't matter..
Well.. obviously it didn't matter to me. hahha!

Other things that amused me;
on one of those final laps.. when Schumy passed Raikkonen. Extremely brilliant! I imagined, since Raikkonen is going to Ferrari next season, Schumy is somehow teaching him a lesson. hahha! MY imaginations.
Ohh, and also that Massa wasn't wearing the usual Ferrari outfit. I thought it's odd.. but great that Ferrari encouraged his patriotism for his country! Really cool.

Pardon me that for one night.. this blog has become like one of those sports enthusiast's-blogs that even I barely read! hahha! I can't remember when I began my interest in F1 but I'm certain that I've always loved Schumacher.
And I will certainly.. surely miss him!

heehee. Aidilfitri = Eid Mubarak. Have a great one!


I'm afraid if you're hoping for one of my usual good long entries, I'd have to disappoint you.
I suppose at these times most Malaysians - Muslims would be writing excitedly about their Eid Mubarak plans or at least the excitement that they will be able to eat food during daylight again. You won't find that here since I had even forgotten when was the last time I was excited about the Eid, plus.. I could've ate in daylight if I had wanted to. *winks lazily* Get it?
Eid came early for me.

Waiting on the final race of the season - Formula One, I mean.
I think it's sad.. The final race for Michael Schumacher! It just had to be sad! No more Schumy in Sepang.. sigh. I shall miss him. He's been a GREAT driver and such a great sport! sigh.

The upside to this is that Kimi Raikkonen is going to take his place in Ferrari and that Felipe Massa is getting better and better! The team should be brilliant next season!
I think it's amusing that both Raikkonen and Massa were both from Sauber-Petronas just a couple of years ago! Me and Dida have this theory that even though Sauber-Petronas weren't really a good race team, they're definitely great scouts! heh.

Okay. That's just about it!
Ohh right.. Manchester United pretty much kicked Liverpool's arse earlier!! hahha! Poor Gerrard.

O yeah!! Note to self: last night I got Nina to cut my hair. I think I'm cursed with 60's hair no matter the length of my hair! Pah!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Currently beating myself up for feeling so cranky.

Hanis' message on my shoutbox is slightly stressing me out but it's completely my fault for being easily stressed out. hahha! I just felt the surge of writing but I haven't got anything smart to share and my life is really dull.. so really.
It stresses me out when I need to write but I had nothing interesting to tell. Not even to myself.
God help me.
I think I'm just going to let my thoughts run.

Okay, I remember this scene on Ed where Molly and Ed was eating, talking about some sort of a beef he had with Carol. Molly said something like, "you would be stupid to let go of a friendship like that". Ed was on a defence mode and point the blame to Carol and Molly cut him off by saying, "you would be stupid to let go of a friendship like that".

I fell asleep at 8 last night and woke up at 2 'cause I was bugged by my own dream. I honestly envy people who have dreamless nights. I love the fact that my dreams usually tells me something no matter how twisted it might have seemed but seriously.. Some nights I really wish I could just.. rest.

Some people thinks I think too much. hah!
If only I could make myself shut up.
And I was suddenly overcame by the need to listen to a song where the snow was falling in July. Geez! So I downloaded it and just been putting it on loop.
Plus I feel like I hate somebody whom I wish not to hate. Darn it!!
If you think that I'm not making sense.. well, be glad that we don't share the same brain.

Currently listening to: Stranger By The Day by Shades Apart.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Alia's birthday!

Just got back!!
So I'm not exactly in the mood of telling you every detail of what I did today. But I'd like to say that I had quite some fun meeting Alia's school friends! We had break-fast in Chicken Hartz in Sunway Pyramid and I am pretty sure that I'd made at least one new friend! Her name is Nadiah and she's a Sagittarius!! woo~hoo!
Well, it was funny really. As usual I just asked her zodiac sign and I got excited that she was a Sagi and this guy Rainy Renee looked at us and when I asked his zodiac.. he said "same.." hahha!! What are the odds?
Well, my point is; Nadiah is really cool and I hope to see her again sometime! Ye Nadiaah!! heehee.
Then me and Alia went back to Shah Alam and hung out with Idris, Shahrir and Syed Ilyas and that pretty much concludes the day.

Will update the fotopages in a bit.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm a runner.

For a moment.. my friend had knew me more than I do - which was a breath of fresh air, I think!

thank you!
Somehow coming from you had meant a lot more. Maybe 'cause you never said stuff like that EVER before. You actually made me cry for a moment but it's not exactly a bad thing so you need not to worry. Just...
You cared! hahha! I almost can't stand it when someone cared for me more than I had knew. It's almost weird. In the twisted part of my mind, I wish to be ignored.
Though I have to be honest.. I don't think I'll ever be able to speak freely of my feelings or my real thoughts. That, you'd have to ask me. Specific questions please. Ask me a general question and I'll respond with a general answer. heh!
Not too sure of what you feel when I write these in here though! heehee. Not anger I hope.

I think I've found my next year's resolution! hahha!!
Happy Birthday ALIAAAAA!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You're losing points, dear.

Seriously. You haven't seen me really annoyed yet. So seriously.. Just the fact that I want to like you is not a big enough reason for me to actually like you.

Moving on!! (Be prepared for my usual.. proper blog update!)
I actually had an entertaining day, yesterday. I began the afternoon sorting out my junk and it's all Azraai's and Arep's fault really, that got me stuck at the old letters that I still keep. Hilarious! I was laughing to tears one second, and next second I had almost snorted out bogeys onto those old papers - really unattractive.
I was going through one of Hanis' letters when I just couldn't go through with it! One moment I was reading Muz telling me to stop being so hopeless over a boy.. then Hanis told me to keep my stories until after the trial exam.. and Dayat telling me how miserable she was in Kulim.. Then there's Ecah who was excited to not have to stay in Kulim.. and Azraai asking me about my latest love life since I rarely ever talk about it!! HAHHAHAHHA!!! Really.
a bag of letters Hanis' old.. UGLY even, handwriting
Did nothing much then. I didn't even manage to actually "sort out" my junk! Have to pick right where I had left it today. heh!

Ohh, dearest Hanis.. thank youuuuuuuuuuu!! I was pleasantly surprised with what's in the mail. Luvya babe!!

Just had a crazy Yahoo! chat conference just now. It was fun while it was fun.. boring when it was dull.. and infuriating at the end. 'Til later!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Do you think you can really know a person just from reading their blog?


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yahoo! Time Capsule


I believe this is the coolest thing ever since LifeLogger! hahha!!
Seriously.. you'd be foolish to miss out the fun!

The idea that you're being a part of something huge -- for people in the future! Come on! Tell everyone what's important to you right now. No matter how small of a blip your life actually is. heh!
What's important is what you think and you are a part of this world.

You've got 24 days.
20147 contributions so far.
Is one of them yours?

Yahoo! Time Capsule

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm an Irish girl.

Ana's a hooker and Bahijah's a crack trash!
Seriously hilarious!!

Find it here.

Sorry.. this isn't a proper update too.
Believe it or not, I'm saving my thoughts for my writing book.

Friday, October 13, 2006

No update.

But of course, this is an update even though just to tell you that I haven't got any real update.

Last night I went to sleep in anger.. woke up for sahur in anger.. got back to sleep in restlessness.. and got up again in confusion.
Odd dreams - as usual!
They are beginning to frustrate me.

Now I'm just plain bored.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


**fotopages updated!** heh!

Had a great time with friends yesterday! But I must say that there were too many people and too many things going on that I couldn't possibly focus on anything much! hahha!! I know I would've liked to talk more to Ablen, Dar and Fariz but everyone seemed so occupied with everything else, eh? heehee.

So we (Bahijah, Ana and me) finally managed to catch The Devil Wears Prada like we had originally planned last week! The movie ended around 6:40 but still we walk around OU and got to Homst Restaurant well after the azan and joined Incik Dar and some other err.. acquaintances. (There were loads of them!)

Later that we hung out at the bowling alley near GSC (in OU again!) and had loads of fun there!!
Me and the girls had so much fun going nutty at the pool and fusball table. I especially love the fusball since I was a better player at it than I was in pool! hahhah! I was a total rubbish, it's shameful really! The girls were so much fun!
Ana, I want those pictures in your camera!!

Okay. That's about it.
Ohh! Alia, I was wondering why you called me. SO SORRY that I haven't returned the call. I think this is still the wee morning! hahahha!! Talk to you soon, girl!

Maybe I'll catch my rest now.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My day.

Apparently I have nothing else to share.

I spent the day doing nothing much, but I finally collected the coloured film that I sent to be processed. I was glad that they didn't screw up when I asked for them to process the film and print me an index and nothing more.
Although I must ask.. does an index print should cost RM5??? Seriously!! Cekik darah! RM10 for just that! (plus the processed film.) Gile benci! Never again!
I seriously HATE that darned shop!

I just got back home from a night out with friends about an hour ago. Alia got free tickets for the preview of World Trade Center at Cathay. (The movie opens this Thursday in Malaysia.) There were eight of us; Zaki, Farah, Arep, Leen, Shahrir, Idris, Alia and me.
in Mosin after the movieBig SORRY to Farah and Zaki for us being late! Totally not mine or Alia's fault! Blame the other boys for never being punctual!
Honestly.. how come I've NEVER found a guy that is EVER punctual before?? Seriously! ALL MY LIFE.. they're always LATE!! That is just wrong!

WTC was.. not that brilliant. It was very tense at some moments which I thought was EXCELLENT but they were too short to make up for the long, dragging scenes. It wasn't as touching as I reckon they had hoped it would be and not at all informative! I believe they could've made it SO much better if they had went to other people's perspective than JUST the two policemen whom practically did nothing heroic at all - except for believing that they were.
Sorry.. that might be a spoiler but I couldn't help myself.
And those Jesus parts!! No offence to Christians or anything but those scenes of him had made the entire part a little cartoon-like. Again, another spoiler!
Seriously.. I was more touched and emotionally triggered when I saw one of those Seconds From Disaster on Discovery Channel.

I won't be giving any stars since that is just NOT the way I do it but here's a tip.. you don't really have to see this film! It was touching, but not so much! Although I must say.. the scene when the policemen were running for cover when the building collapsed - now THAT was bloody brilliant!
I was rooting for those guys to make it. The movie was good, but it wasn't as great as the fact that we got to see it free in a pretty awesome cinema!

Checked my Statcounter and saw this..
Dida, do you check up on me this much??
I'm not sure if I should be flattered or worried instead. Btw, Papa and Mama had been asking if you'd called - which you haven't for some days! I think they're missing you already.

Okay. Hoping that I have enough money for (later) today's b/w pics from Pak Tai AND Wednesday's plans! haha! Haven't figured out how to go there yet. sigh.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Rainy day.

I love rainy days.. but I definitely hate lightnings!

Had a couple of odd dreams last night. One seemed like a bad omen since I dreamt that I was bleeding and stained everywhere - but all I cared was the mess I was making, instead of trying to stop the bleeding.
The other was something about a weird trip on a bus with my family but.. there's something off about it. I just got the feeling that things weren't right.

Moving on, I just saw Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, and I love!! It's a good movie and I know it's last years', but if you hadn't seen it yet, well.. get the DVD or download! haha! It's more than a just romantic-comedy I think! There is a moral to it and I thought it was enlightening.
So I love!

Suddenly remembered a question a friend gave me about why I didn't want to date this one guy we knew. Somehow I managed to come up with 3 reasons. The three perfect reasons for me to like the single perfect guy. heehee.
It has something to do with that word "enlightening", that's why I remembered the conversation. Okay!

I think it's funny that Bahijah, Ana and I are making plans through Ana's shoutbox. heh!
And now I've got to call someone about tonight's plans.
Have a good day, everyone!

Ohh, and Nina got Acceptable for the Grade 2 WOMBAT. hahha! I can be so smart when I want to! ekekkeke!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Maybe I'm not fine after all.

heehee. One thing, I am always left thinking after seeing Alia.
Maybe it's her crazy questions.
Thoughtful, sometimes.

And this song is jumbling up my thoughts.. and feelings.

Right-click and Save Target As..

Life is full of opportunities for you to make a fool out of yourself.


I mean to say "good morning" but I'm not sure if it's going to be good so we'll see how today will turn out.

In the mean time.. my mom heated up this instant pizza that she had bought 'cause her friends told her that it tastes good (Dida.. kau tau laa Mama cemane kan?) and she gave it to me to taste.

The first thought that came to mind on my first bite was;
I miss those boxed 'onion and cheese' pizzas from Alberthein. sigh.
Something is definitely wrong with me.

Happy fasting everyone!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


heehee. I guess that don't make much sense, huh?
Took the WOMBAT (Wizards' Ordinary Magic and Basic Aptitude Test) on JK Rowling's site sometime last week and what did I get??
I was SO nervous when I clicked the envelope. Seriously.. the questions were HARD!! Getting Exceeds Expectations had exceeded MY expectation! hahha!! I wonder what Nina got since she did it too but I won't check her results until she sees it herself or at least told me to see it! heehee.
Hope I get to catch the 3rd Grade since I missed the 1st.. sigh.
I feel giddy... after an awful and rather weird evening.

Dearest Muz.. you couldn't possibly bore me.
I think you know that if I was, I would've ran back home by myself!

Ohh! I just read Asha's blog and I couldn't help feeling like she was talking about me. hahhha!! *amat perasan* It's that line "--crazy bout lotsa things" that's got me thinking actually! hahha! *seriously perasan!*
If it really is me, do tell!

Currently listening to:

Friday, October 06, 2006

Effing IDIOTS!!

Seriously. I'm pissed.
Remember me not to hope for things again.

I guess my hunch is too right that it usually breaks my own heart. Effing idiot!
Those store people I mentioned earlier.
HA-HA! Sometimes my own judgement baffles me.
Seriously. (I'm replacing my curses into "seriously")

Not only I wasted my effort.. energy.. TIME and money, I came home today with N O T H I N G!!!
They wasted my dreams of two days.. waiting for my b/w photos and returned my films just as the way they were and gave me a crap excuse that the machine broke down. AND! They also need another day to process my typical.. 35mm COLOUR film!!

Effing idiots!!
And the parking had cost RM2 in SACC!! Seriously!! It's times like this when I absolutely.. truly DESPISE Shah Alam! Bandar Anggerik my ass!!
So everyone, DON'T GO to that photo store in the lower ground floor of SACC Mall named East Ocean Photoshop. Seriously.

Now I need to take a breather and.. break-fast. (see what anger made me do?)

Enjoying moodiness.

Came across two fab songs this past couple of days and I can't stop putting them on loop! (typical!)

Had a mind-numbing experience while I was in the car with Papa earlier today. He found the RTM channel for 50s, 60s, and 70s songs amusing - makes him laugh. Well, it gave me an excrutiating headache! I'm obviously too smart for those sort of channel! hahha!!
For the record, my father was only amused 'cause he had the same twisted, sarcastic sense of humour as me and my sisters have (although Papa's and Nina's are even more sarcastic! Maybe it's a Gemini thing.. who knows!) but seriously.. I can't stand those torturous so-called music!

Makes you wonder..
what were they THINKING?!!
Were they thinking at all???
Geez! No more.

And for the sake of humouring myself throughout the ride, I made a mistake of telling him about my dream wedding! Yes yes.. I do dream about wedding sometimes. Close those gaping mouth of yours please..
I'm hoping that he won't mention about it anywhere in the future or I shall die of embarassment!
Geez! No more!

Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon! Going to collect the b/w films I finally sent to be developed! woot!! Hopefully the store-people kept their promise and didn't screw up my orders. sigh. I definitely miss Europe! (the pictures are of Europe.)
Yes.. even the cold. hahha!
lalu ke H&M untuk menyedapkan hati sendiri.. hahhaha!!

Currently listening to: Crashing Down by Mat Kearney.

I'm definitely enjoying this moodiness.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ik wacht al zo lang.

Currently listening to:
I think Dutch is one of the unprettiest languanges on Earth. It's rather hard to catch up on like Japanese or Cantonese. There's a lot of -gh sounds that sometimes makes you want to spit out some phlegm with the words. heehee. But I suppose if you spend some time, surrounded by Dutchs you will eventually pick something up.

This song was popular when I was in Rotterdam and these days I seem to hum to it sometimes. heh!

Me and my dad were watching Ed just a while ago and it was the episode where Ed went on a road trip to run away from Carol and her wedding plans. One time Carol called him and he made himself sound like he was having fun with a bunch of girls.. and what did my dad say?
Heyyyy!! That's Ed you're talking about there!!
So I went and told my dad that he was trying NOT to sound pathetic. That it was his ego talking. haha!

I think I understood Ed too well for my own good.

Ohh! And I found these when I turned on my old computer the other day. heehee.
was doing a photoshoot Lobang idong Abang Besa!

Now these old photos are reminding me of that day Bahijah and I had break-fast together and that time we talked about my final days in MMU. *blushing mixed with a strong feeling of hitting my head with the telephone sitting next to the computer* Okay, I realize that I am a rather forgetful person but I think I am letting myself to forget about too many stuff that it's bad!! I feel like I actually NEED to hold a grudge on someone but I FORGOT and now it's too late 'coz I'm already being nice to that person! ahahahha!! Bahijah, I know you know about this.. Crap!
Well, at least I'm chirpy again. Left all my worries with those Cyberia keys. Although now I still feel extremely shameful and stupid about those "things". hahha! Bahijah was like one of my old diaries for reminding me about the stuff that I thought was important when I was young. heehee! Not all good, but amusing.

Bila nak tengok Devil Wears Prada nihh?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Currently listening to:
It's time like this when I wish I had a boo so I could sing this song and mean it. hahha!! Maybe someone like Channing Tatum.. hahhahha!! He kinda reminds me of Wentworth Miller actually. A "sensitive brute-looking" guy if you'd let me call them that! heehee.

I spent the day in front of the computer and had Channing Tatum-marathon. Well, I just saw two of his films; She's The Man and Step Up. sigh. He's SO hot! Basically I spent the day lusting over a man I can never meet. heehee. I also watched the second episode of Ghost Whisperer and the pilot of Heroes which was.. intriguing! Well, it's almost unoriginal and slow at the beginning but I'm keen on any super-power-based story so heyy, I'm a sucker for this stuff!

So there.. that's how I kill my time these days.
Maybe I'll watch She's The Man again later. Channing was stupidly adorable in it! Me like! (feeling stupid now 'cause I'm grinning too much.) But I'm hoping that the Prison Break and Heroes download will finish soon.


I'm proud to announce that I now feel perfectly EMPTY.
Well, I might have mistaken it with sadness but I'd like to think that I feel empty - since I am. Especially since Dida told me not to feel sad, so NO Dida.. I am not sad! heehee.
Having three people that you most care about, flew away in two days does that to you I think!
But I'm feeling slightly better right now since I'm chatting with my sister through my shoutbox, which I think is funny but very nice. And that russian casanova had left me a message. hahha! And that Hanis had emailed me the pictures of Saturday evening! (going to upload it now..)

For a lighter note, I was considering of doing this while I was browsing Bahijah's blog, and then there it was. The "answer". She listed my name to do this so what to do?
Hahha! What a lame excuse, to say that I have to do this when I want to do it anyways! I am such a sucker for surveys/quizzes.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire.
1. Buy a house for my parents. that sounds nice doesn't it? but the fact is I feel like they should live in a better house before I have any thoughts of moving out! But seriously, I don't need to be a millionaire to think of buying them a house.
2. Drop everything and fall off from the radar for six months and just travel. I am the master of dropping everything, after all!
3. Charity.. as much as I am willing to part with my money.
4. Have a great big feast with all my friends. No - have MULTIPLE great big feasts with all my friends!
5. Shop. Splurge. For myself and family. The kiddies. Those people that I care. Books! IKEA! hahhahahah!!

5 bad habits.
Just 5? This is going to be tough.
1. Not caring as much as I should. fickleness?
2. Being too moody for any social activities.
3. Curse when I'm angry.
4. Annoy people when I get the NEED to correct their grammar or pronounciation. their ignorance is not my bliss.
5. The preferability of keeping my feelings kept away so I can hold on to my pride.

5 things I hate doing.
1. Being angry. anger makes me stupid. seriously!
2. Missing people. longing for someone makes me stupid.
3. Listen to nags. people who nags too much seemed stupid in my eyes. I'd rather not be around stupidity.
Cant' think of another two! Just that I don't DO things I hate so I forget what I hate until I actually hate it.

5 things I will never do.
Honestly, I haven't got anything that I've resolute to NEVER doing EVER just yet since I love the idea of trying everything at least once! And I read people's entry about to never kill another human being, but I won't say that since I probably would if the situation needs me to - eg. I'm being attacked by a mugger/rapist!

5 things I regret doing.
hahha!! Crap.
1. Being too proud of feelings that I let the moments passed.
That's it, really. It's quite safe to say that my life surrounds what I feel about things and if anything screws over, I usually blame my feelings.

5 favourite toys or things.
1. My Hard Rock Cafe pins.
2. My Moleskine notebook.
3. My copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
4. Dida's Konica Minolta.
Number 5 is yet to be determined. haha!

5 people I choose to do this.
only if they wish to. Honestly, I chose these people since I can't think of any other people! hahahah!!
1. Ana Rosie-Posie! Bahijah tagged her too but she hasn't done it yet!
2. Cik Alia.
3. Incik Cine. hohoho!
4. Ecah. I reckon she'll be busy to entertain this but I need a name!
5. Ablen!! hahha! So he'll have something to update his blog with!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Now now..

I'm not exactly in the mood to write but I find it amusing that Dida reads my blog even when she's home so I reckon that she'll check my blog when she's settled back in Rotterdam. So here..

Feeling.. Well.. NOT feeling what I usually felt. Stoic is probably the word but Rai is convinced that I own no emotion and that I'm cold blooded. His exact words - which are totally MEAN and I'd rather not try to explain anymore of it!
Azraai, I'm not mad. Especially when you made me laugh by saying the exact opposite of the earlier statements. Grr.. (geram!) hahha!
Plus, how can I be mad at you when you're leaving?

People always leave.
So here I am typing away - and writing a short message for Hanis who's also leaving later today.
I'm definitely NOT going to cry even though Cine said I looked like I was about to cry yesterday. hahha! I think I've been getting that a lot.

me & Dida

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