Thursday, October 19, 2006

Alia's birthday!

Just got back!!
So I'm not exactly in the mood of telling you every detail of what I did today. But I'd like to say that I had quite some fun meeting Alia's school friends! We had break-fast in Chicken Hartz in Sunway Pyramid and I am pretty sure that I'd made at least one new friend! Her name is Nadiah and she's a Sagittarius!! woo~hoo!
Well, it was funny really. As usual I just asked her zodiac sign and I got excited that she was a Sagi and this guy Rainy Renee looked at us and when I asked his zodiac.. he said "same.." hahha!! What are the odds?
Well, my point is; Nadiah is really cool and I hope to see her again sometime! Ye Nadiaah!! heehee.
Then me and Alia went back to Shah Alam and hung out with Idris, Shahrir and Syed Ilyas and that pretty much concludes the day.

Will update the fotopages in a bit.


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