Sunday, October 29, 2006

And you said it.

Does it make sense if I say that I am relieved to have known something for certain and yet feel a little miserable for it?
sigh. If only being miserable makes me feel anything but miserable.

Had a great day earlier.
Went to Seremban to celebrate Izzati's birthday. Taught her to snap pictures with the Palm Zire. Then Nina laughed since I bullied the kid by holding up the pda way over my head 'cause I'm just mean sometimes. And Farhana was really sweet the entire day.
Okay, I'm definitely liking the age that they're in.

Left early to try avoid the traffic. (Failed!) But we got back in Shah Alam around five and I had enough time to go to Farah's house which I was invited to!
Yacked a bit with Alia before I got home.. went to the McD drive-through TWICE! hahha!

Ooh.. saw Muz' dad on telly. Take note, her dad is NOT Datuk Zakaria and the words on the screen was the subject he was talking to the press about.

And now it's quiet and dark and I'm pretty much all to myself with too many thoughts that won't go away.


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