Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'm proud to announce that I now feel perfectly EMPTY.
Well, I might have mistaken it with sadness but I'd like to think that I feel empty - since I am. Especially since Dida told me not to feel sad, so NO Dida.. I am not sad! heehee.
Having three people that you most care about, flew away in two days does that to you I think!
But I'm feeling slightly better right now since I'm chatting with my sister through my shoutbox, which I think is funny but very nice. And that russian casanova had left me a message. hahha! And that Hanis had emailed me the pictures of Saturday evening! (going to upload it now..)

For a lighter note, I was considering of doing this while I was browsing Bahijah's blog, and then there it was. The "answer". She listed my name to do this so what to do?
Hahha! What a lame excuse, to say that I have to do this when I want to do it anyways! I am such a sucker for surveys/quizzes.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire.
1. Buy a house for my parents. that sounds nice doesn't it? but the fact is I feel like they should live in a better house before I have any thoughts of moving out! But seriously, I don't need to be a millionaire to think of buying them a house.
2. Drop everything and fall off from the radar for six months and just travel. I am the master of dropping everything, after all!
3. Charity.. as much as I am willing to part with my money.
4. Have a great big feast with all my friends. No - have MULTIPLE great big feasts with all my friends!
5. Shop. Splurge. For myself and family. The kiddies. Those people that I care. Books! IKEA! hahhahahah!!

5 bad habits.
Just 5? This is going to be tough.
1. Not caring as much as I should. fickleness?
2. Being too moody for any social activities.
3. Curse when I'm angry.
4. Annoy people when I get the NEED to correct their grammar or pronounciation. their ignorance is not my bliss.
5. The preferability of keeping my feelings kept away so I can hold on to my pride.

5 things I hate doing.
1. Being angry. anger makes me stupid. seriously!
2. Missing people. longing for someone makes me stupid.
3. Listen to nags. people who nags too much seemed stupid in my eyes. I'd rather not be around stupidity.
Cant' think of another two! Just that I don't DO things I hate so I forget what I hate until I actually hate it.

5 things I will never do.
Honestly, I haven't got anything that I've resolute to NEVER doing EVER just yet since I love the idea of trying everything at least once! And I read people's entry about to never kill another human being, but I won't say that since I probably would if the situation needs me to - eg. I'm being attacked by a mugger/rapist!

5 things I regret doing.
hahha!! Crap.
1. Being too proud of feelings that I let the moments passed.
That's it, really. It's quite safe to say that my life surrounds what I feel about things and if anything screws over, I usually blame my feelings.

5 favourite toys or things.
1. My Hard Rock Cafe pins.
2. My Moleskine notebook.
3. My copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
4. Dida's Konica Minolta.
Number 5 is yet to be determined. haha!

5 people I choose to do this.
only if they wish to. Honestly, I chose these people since I can't think of any other people! hahahah!!
1. Ana Rosie-Posie! Bahijah tagged her too but she hasn't done it yet!
2. Cik Alia.
3. Incik Cine. hohoho!
4. Ecah. I reckon she'll be busy to entertain this but I need a name!
5. Ablen!! hahha! So he'll have something to update his blog with!


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