Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ik wacht al zo lang.

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I think Dutch is one of the unprettiest languanges on Earth. It's rather hard to catch up on like Japanese or Cantonese. There's a lot of -gh sounds that sometimes makes you want to spit out some phlegm with the words. heehee. But I suppose if you spend some time, surrounded by Dutchs you will eventually pick something up.

This song was popular when I was in Rotterdam and these days I seem to hum to it sometimes. heh!

Me and my dad were watching Ed just a while ago and it was the episode where Ed went on a road trip to run away from Carol and her wedding plans. One time Carol called him and he made himself sound like he was having fun with a bunch of girls.. and what did my dad say?
Heyyyy!! That's Ed you're talking about there!!
So I went and told my dad that he was trying NOT to sound pathetic. That it was his ego talking. haha!

I think I understood Ed too well for my own good.

Ohh! And I found these when I turned on my old computer the other day. heehee.
was doing a photoshoot Lobang idong Abang Besa!

Now these old photos are reminding me of that day Bahijah and I had break-fast together and that time we talked about my final days in MMU. *blushing mixed with a strong feeling of hitting my head with the telephone sitting next to the computer* Okay, I realize that I am a rather forgetful person but I think I am letting myself to forget about too many stuff that it's bad!! I feel like I actually NEED to hold a grudge on someone but I FORGOT and now it's too late 'coz I'm already being nice to that person! ahahahha!! Bahijah, I know you know about this.. Crap!
Well, at least I'm chirpy again. Left all my worries with those Cyberia keys. Although now I still feel extremely shameful and stupid about those "things". hahha! Bahijah was like one of my old diaries for reminding me about the stuff that I thought was important when I was young. heehee! Not all good, but amusing.

Bila nak tengok Devil Wears Prada nihh?


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