Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm a runner.

For a moment.. my friend had knew me more than I do - which was a breath of fresh air, I think!

thank you!
Somehow coming from you had meant a lot more. Maybe 'cause you never said stuff like that EVER before. You actually made me cry for a moment but it's not exactly a bad thing so you need not to worry. Just...
You cared! hahha! I almost can't stand it when someone cared for me more than I had knew. It's almost weird. In the twisted part of my mind, I wish to be ignored.
Though I have to be honest.. I don't think I'll ever be able to speak freely of my feelings or my real thoughts. That, you'd have to ask me. Specific questions please. Ask me a general question and I'll respond with a general answer. heh!
Not too sure of what you feel when I write these in here though! heehee. Not anger I hope.

I think I've found my next year's resolution! hahha!!
Happy Birthday ALIAAAAA!!!!


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