Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A jumble of thoughts.

It's a jumble. You're not obligated to understand.

Internet's crap.
Spoke to Dida for 4 hours last week and I ended up with very red ears.
Been writing. New ideas, unfortunately! Need to stick to a one!
Remembered Dida's advice about getting my prayers right! (Keeping that in mind!) And I thought I was thankful.. guess I haven't thank Him for that yet.
Bored and uninspired.
In the mood for Luca's.. cakes and cookies. Ohh! Meatballs too.. darn Nina for reminding me about meatballs the other day!!!
Need to clear my closet. Serious work need to be done there!
A bit upset after finding out some stuff on Gilmore Girls.. the price of not following it religiously! I shall start from now on..
Bahijah said April reminds her of me. Great, I have Luke for a dad! Except that he's a Scorpio and though I haven't had a real beef with a Scorpio except my mom, I intend to keep a safe distance between me and any Scorpio. An arm's length, at least! Although I must add that I have had a good friend who was a Scorpio but I'm no longer in touch with her and I just don't feel at a lost without her, but that's just me.
That sounds kind of biased but I'd like to think that I keep an open mind to anyone. No racism or zodiacism. But honestly honestly, it's kind of great for everyone else that I'm keen on zodiacs! Everytime somebody messes with me or did any wrong things to my friends.. I wouldn't blame it entirely on them - I'd blame the fact that they were born under some crappy signs! hahha! And I'm not saying this just for the sake of saying it. Some signs are crappy!
Going to meet up some fellas later so I probably should get some sleep.
No longer upset about anything. More like I've forgotten everything. Oh, the story of my life. Maybe forgetting is a good thing after all since remembering haven't done any good to me yet!
Yadda yaddaa.. I'm so dull - I'm making myself bored! Terrific! Just what I need.. A super-boring mind that refuses to shut up.
I think I'm quite civil. I suppose I generally hate social niceties but I am still capable of being civil, right?

'Til later!


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