Monday, October 16, 2006


Do you think you can really know a person just from reading their blog?



Suree said...

yes.. u can tell whether a person is passionate about life, or vain(like me) or selfish or childish or just plain boring(like me).. ehehe.. kot

Girl That Jumps said...


Girl That Jumps said...

A blog is like a make belief story that the writer want to tell the world. It is their platform for them to portray themselves the way they wanted it to be. This is their chance to make an impression without actually trying too hard to please the other party. It might be good or bad. Sure they mght want to share their thoughts with us.. but seldom we see the actually thought was actually writen in it.. words by words. Some will always leaves the good part of it.. to give it more drama.. some might left the bad things out.. to tell that they are cool/ok.
Some writer might be honest with their writing, some might not. (but how can you tell?)
hey.. they argument would always be this.
"This is my blog, i can do whatever i want to."
For example me. I might sometimes sounded as if i am confident with myself, that i am doing great.. but the reality is i'm not.
I might sound whatever, like i dont really give a fuck.. but the reality is.. i am.
and all that jazz.

This is just my two cents. i always believe in the good old way of learning of how the person truly is by meeting face to face.
So again.. No. You can never tell.

Anonymous said...

setuju dengan dramaqueen, every line...
since blog dibaca org ramai, the writer takkan tulis benda yg sebenar benar dia rasa. sure ade benda yg dia cover, atau guna metafor.
sedangkan some people pon tak tulis benda sebenar dalam personal jurnal, apatah lagi blog yg dibaca ramei :D

ahrepskywalker said...

no... u have to be with that person look em with ur own eyes

setuju ngan org sblum yg mengomen...^_^

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