Monday, November 27, 2006

Hello, stupid.

Happy Monday everyone!
It's kind of odd to be excited about "Monday" but I was.. and am excited that it's Monday! A new week! Mainly because there'll be a new episode of Wedding on telly.. and some other shows that I shall download through out the week! Just looking forward to some, more than others.
(Horrible, my day's happiness depends on tv shows! hahha!)

Of course, I expect everyone to understand that that is only an exaggeration of what it really is. I'd honestly be disappointed if anyone would take my words by every single word. Okay, maybe not really disappointed, but I'd probably call you "stupid". (sorry, a bit harsh I know.)

The weekend was alright. Me and my parents went to eat in Eden Restaurant in Subang for the first time and though my mind wasn't completely in it, but I have a new respect for one of my cousins who happens to work in the kitchen there.
We were leaving when he caught up to us for a bit of chat. At one point, his phone rang and to my absolute surprise, he made no such move for it. He ignored the ring and focused entirely on us. So cool!!

I have never met anyone my age who is capable of ignoring their phones. I mean, seriously.. Have you? That was just so cool. I couldn't possibly count the times where a conversation was interrupted when a friend's phone rang and they decided to answer it instead of finishing their words.
But Hafiz was so cool!

Sunday we (me and the parents again, who else?) went to Seremban to see Nina.. mostly because Mama have been missing the Kiddies so much.
I really like Nina's layout for the living room. So appropriate for entertaining guests.

Okay, better dash now or Papa will think that I didn't want the burger he just did for our late lunch!
Have a good week, everyone!
I'm honestly a tad nervous about Friday.. but I really shouldn't, right? Geez..

ps: Actually I have met someone else who managed to ignore the ring of a phone. Just one other, though. I couldn't help being impressed then, either.
pps: Christiano Ronaldo is still a knob.


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