Monday, November 06, 2006

How's my new layout?

hehhe! Still haven't figured what I wanted to write in that black space on the right.

In recent development, I am seriously considering cutting down carbohidrate! Seriously. But the mere thought of not having anymore bread and cheese.. Potatoes too!! ohhnoooooooo!!! Especially since I am suddenly craving for a French loaf with a dollop of butter.. lasagna.. and potato salad!!
Ohh man! I'm sad.
Deeply deeply sad.
So I'm still thinking about it. Don't know for sure if I can give up bread. Coffee and cigarettes.. I can do that, but bread.. sigh. What's worse, I'm not that smart - my brilliance couldn't make up for my looks, so I can't do FAT!!

Been thinking about my friends a lot lately.
MMU kids starting their new semester.. Bahijah in Dhaka.. Alia and Muz starting their finals. Well, that's what upsets me most actually.
SMSed Muz yesterday and she said her final paper will be on the 25th but she still have things to sort out after that and only promised for early December!!
That's just crazy.
Ohh fine, I don't really have any cool or earth-shattering news to share with her, but crap I haven't seen her for ages!

Now if you'll excuse me..
I need to slap myself about something.


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